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It's fun and all having lots of hitpoints and rolling random damage and things like that. But after playing games like Old-School Hack or FATE where opponents have hit points in the low-digits and each attack deals "1 damage" or such... I was thinking could you create a simplified damage model for 4th edition. Sure it wouldn't have the fun of rolling dice and seeing numbers in the hundreds but it could make game play a lot quicker and make balancing powers easier (maybe).

What about:

Base Damage: 3
AOE? : -1
Significant Special Effect: -1
Striker Bonus: +2
Encounter Bonus : +1
Daily Bonus: +2

Base Monster HP: 7
Brute: +1
Artillery: -1
Elite: x2
Solo: x4

And this applies regardless of Tier.

So in my example a Striker who uses a daily power could take down a normal monster in one hit (3+2+2 = 7). Whereas a Controller who uses an AoE power which does a significant effect (say Stun or such) would do 1 point of damage.

Personally, I like the idea of a striker who uses a daily power being able to one-shot a normal monster.... but maybe that's just me :D
What would you gain by using this system exactly?

Strikers can already one-shot normal monsters if you build them right.
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You'd probably get a better response over in the Homebrew forum, since this is something suited for that forum more so than just General.
but it could make game play a lot quicker

"A lot" quicker is quite a bit of an exaggeration.  You may shave off a couple seconds per damage roll.  Maybe a minute total per combat encounter, give or take 15 seconds.

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it wouldn't have the fun

And that's all the reason needed to not do it.
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Board games that mimic RPG style are usually set up this way, and honestly it is more intuitive, so I can see where you're coming from.  The problem though is that D&D is just too complex in general to restrict and simplify damage in this way, it would likely feel jarring and at odds with other aspects of the game and character progression.  
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