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Here is a trap that I am trying to construct for my campaign, and I need some guidance.

The trap is a book that appears to be a high level ritual book.  The title on the spine of the book makes a vague historical reference like "Hargrim the Moist's book of Swampy Rituals" which may remind someone with a high History roll of a famous Arcane magic user in the past.  (DM's Option)

When a person of high enough INT opens the book, it makes an attack vs WILL on the victim.  (The attack is stronger when the opener's INT is higher - this is the part I need help on)

If the attack succeeds, then the victim is sucked into the book, paralyzed and unconcious.  If the trap does not succeed the victim sees only empty pages.

The trap does not work on a victim of low INT (say below 10) or if the victim is illiterate in the language on the spine.  A single book can only hold one victim at a time.  If a person opens a "full" book they see incomprehensible arcane writing, which represents the traped victim.

A theivery roll of 25 or more can disarm the trap permanently by carefully ripping out the pages.

The victim can be released from the trap if an Arcana user rolls 25 or better while performing "Dispel Magic".  The trap then resets waiting for the next victim.
Well the simplest way of having the trap have a higher atk bonus vs a higher Int, is just to write is as something like;

20 vs Int
Special: Gains +2 if target's Int is higher than such-and-such

Though in regards to having to roll arcana during the use of Dispel Magic, Dispel Magic is used against conjurations and zones.  To me a trap book isn't either of these things.  But if you want to allow it, you'll just have to make sure the party knows it's an option despite the requirements of the ability.  Also, I would nix the Arcana roll with it.  You already have to roll to be the Will of the person who created the conjuration/zone for Dispel Magic.  Making the player have to also roll an Arcana check on top of it is unfair.

I would say that if you want, let them use Dispel Magic against it, or they can make an Arcana 25 check.  Though technically the only thing Arcana is really good for is sensing magic, so it really can't be used to disable traps except for a couple specific circumstances where the trap actually says it's an option, just saying.

But neat idea, hope it plays out well for ya.   
A few ways you can go. You can have a character make an Int-based attack against his Will when he reads it, with the book providing an enhancement bonus to the role equivalent to a +5 level item.

You might also want to incorporate your arcana check into the attack: Moderate DC, book makes an attack against Will. Hard DC, character is automatically trapped in the book.

Dispel Magic or a Remove Affliction ritual will release the trapped individual. A moderate DC Perception check reveals a section concealed by secret page on other instructions for releasing the trapped the trapped individual (queue skill challenge), as well as a page that seems to be constantly rewriting itself with cries of help, opposite another page that is completely blank, and all attempts to write on it are erased as the ink is absorbed (allowing communication between the trapped character and the rest of the party).
excellent suggestions!  thsnk you very much Crowscape and Alitain
Welcome, hope you get it working out.
I like the suggestions above.  A bit more:

If you successfully entrap the high-INT guy, expect the rest of the group to do low-INT things to get him out.  (Your response in parenthesis.)
- tear out pages (vandal's Arcana check permits escape)
- Hulk-Smash it with a battleaxe &c (trappee takes an MBA on the way out)
- set it on fire (trappee has ongoing 5 fire damage upon escape)
- put it back on the shelf (take player out of room and ask if he wants a new character)
- pour ink on the book (trappee makes Arcana check to escape)
- pray for Divine guidance (offer helpful hints & clues not The Answer)

If the PCs treat it as deadly, though, do likewise.  The above assumes the PCs think you're not gonna kill 'em ingloriously.

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The trap worked brilliantly!  thank you for your suggestions

The Wizard went nuts to find a library full of magic tomes.  She picked a book from a shelf, more or less at random, and opened it.  She flipped through the pages telling the party it was just blank pages.

Swirling magical colors surround her and suck her into the book.  The cleric, leaped up and found the book contained writing, which described the character and character's history.  The cleric also fails her arcana roll and picks another book from the shelves ostensibly to look for clues to what is happening and also gets trapped.

The rogue decided that every book was potentially a trap, and warns the Barbarian and Paladin not to even touch them.  Using his limited Arcanna skill, and his considerable Theivery skill, he decided to carefully tear the first page of the book with the cleric out.  Another set of swirling lights and the cleric appeared on the floor near the pieces of the book, somewhat dazed.

The barbarian then immediately ripped the book with wizard in half, releasing her, much to her chagrin.  He then started ripping every other book apart releasing a few really nasty monsters and a couple of greatful prisoners.  Being illiterate, he was immune to "reading" the books.  The paladin finally calmed the barbarian down by inviting him to pee on a demonic statue in a corner of the library.

The wizard procured one of the blank books for future study without telling the other party members.  Now I have to deal with her trying to figure out how to reproduce it, or use it in an encounter...
So now your choice is to figure out what invisible monster is in the "blank" book. Cool