BUG: Bladesinger with short sword gets no +2 AC bonus

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Was playing around with the bladesinger class and found that when I use a normal size race and a long sword it gets a +2 AC bonus, but when I made one with race of gnome and the implement to a short sword the AC bonus was not applied.  I did select short sword in the class options.

So then I tried to trick it, and did.  I made and eladrin bladeslinger - long sword, then change the race to gnome and option to shortsword.  The longsword was still equipped and the +2 AC was still applied.  I remove the long sword (not unequip just remove) and the bonus stayed.  I added a short sword and the bonus remained and all the powers on the character sheet showed the short sword.  If I go back and equip the short sword the +2 AC bonus is lost.

I guess I should go back and try this with dagger, claws, wrist razors and scimitar and see if the ac bonus works with them.