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I just got back into magic since a brief few months haitus with the game(I think the last tournament I did was was the new phyrexia gameday, I went 2-2 playing RDW and made 5th out of ten players so it wasnt too bad, since there was only good players). But I got tired of goblin guide-based decks because of lukewarm results like this. I mean Im not at all disapointed but I want better results, I used to play boros in standard and made similar results despite a good build at a national qualifier. 

Anyways, enough, projecting ;p lets get to the point. I just discovered modern (or should I say it discovered me lol) and I love it, I think its an awesome format and its got all my attention now. Im in the process of building a post deck that doesnt play vesuva; I call it 8 post instead of 12 post.  Heres the list, if you are curious:

16 forest
4 glimmerpost
4 cloudpost
1 eye of ugin
1 dryad arbor

1 emrakul, the eons torn
1 ulamog, the infinite gyre
2 ondu giant 
2 Kozilek's predator
4 primeval titan
4 overgrown battlement
4 wall of roots

4 green suns zenith
4 explore
2 beast within
2 reap and sow
4 ancient stirrings


3 plow under
2 kitchen finks
2 ratchet bomb(though Im thinking about switching to  1 all is dust and add somethong else)
2 beast within
4 nature's claim
1 wurmcoil engine
1 bojuka bog

There you have it .Why dont I play Vesuva? Well I suppose if I had  four, I would play them, but I dont. Theyre expensive around $30-40 a piece, so Im not gonna spend money on them even if I did have the budget! Why? Because if they were really a good card, palyed in a bunch of decks etc(like the titans and zeniths I invested in) I could always trade or sell them later but the fact is they revolve only around their synergy with cloudpost! Here's the kicker though; it seems like it does nothing much for the deck. If I invest in them now, they'll go down massively if cloudpost gets banned. I posted my list on another site and someone there told me that "without vesuva, the deck isnt competive". Basically their arguement is that having 12 posts instead of 8 increases your chance of drawing locuses, but I argue that having played 20-30 games with the deck, that doesnt make sense. You dont rely on probality with this deck, you rely on the primeval titan, to ramp up to having many cloudposts in play, you dont rely on how many locuses or would-be locuses you draw. Out of all the games I palyed with this deck I relied every time except once on the ramp of the titans to simply get cloudposts in play then play emrakul. Basically this deck is a billion different ways to get emrakul out on turn 5, which seems to work fine for me as it is. 

Thats my arguement against vesuva; you dont really need them for a competitive deck of this sort, if you have them it might slightly improve the deck but is it really worth investing in? What are your thoughts on this? Id be interested in hearing them. what is so special about vesuva or is there something I just dont understand about the deck? Ive got another modern deck that I plan to build, this one rather cheap,  and Im wondering if Im on the right track with this green deck without vesuva(I plan to make it competitive)?
If you're not running 12-post... you run the Urza Tron base instead (mine, power plant, tower).


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I think you could be fine with it in your local meta, but not in the greater field. I would consider fitting expedition map in there somewhere though, and I can see at least 2 cards that can easily be replaced. Predator and giant.
Well, Ive tried expedition map(its in almost every version of the deck) and I dont really like how it plays out with the mana curve... you can put it out turn one but turn two you're better off playing one of the two casting cost spells than sacrificing it turn two, since you have so many two mana cards(explores, walls) and they give you a nice bridge into turn three where you can cast a predator or giant, then just cast titan(or zenith) turn four, then possibly emrakul turn five. Of course Im not an expert at this deck so far, so thats just opinion  from what Ive tested so take it with a grain of salt of course, but it seems like a nicer mana curve then the sloppy one created with expedition map. Of course these are all just possible scenarios that can play out, it doesnt always play out that way, though you almost always do have a two mana spell turn two which makes it hard to resist palying in favor of expedition map's activation;p. 
Well maybe also consider oracle of mul daya. Or add wall of tanglecord and make it a 12wall variant.
Sylvan Scrying. It's basically the no.1 reason to run a green 12-post list. Increase your reap and sows and beast withins, and drop kozilek's predator and ondu giant. You also need all is dust in there somewhere.

Your argument for not running Vesuva seems a little flawed to me.  Believe me, I understand that you don't have the money, but kidding yourself that your list is optimal is incorrect.  You claim that the deck relies on titan to ramp, not the lands themselves, but perhaps you could rely on the lands more if you had vesuvas...
Eh, 8-Post should work as long as you aren't trying to hard-cost Eldrazi. In local meta, it may be a good idea to consider Terastodon as your deck's big-nasty-fatty of choice, or Gigantomancer with Elves if 8-Post is what you intend to use.
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Thanks for the replies so far, it seems that breachpost dominated over mono green at philly anyways, when you look at the decklists, almost all(if not all) the posts that had good results played RG for Through the Breach.
Well, I'm testing my deck (10-post because I only have 2 vesuvas) and it is doing really well.  All the stuff to search out specific lands make it consistent enough for me.  It may not be an "optimal build" but it works.  Working with the cards you have is usually a lot better than totally abandoning a deck because you can't afford a couple cards and it can lead to great innovations.
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