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I am thinking of making a red/white/artifact deck to use at FNM, based around metalcraft, and
Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer. I don't have a decklist atm as I have just started thinking about it.

Any ideas on what I should include in this deck?

Must be post rotation.

Why do you want Blue as well?.

Red White is really kind of powerful in Standard right now.

From what I know Tempered Steel seems to be a thing.. memnites myrs and tempered steel but I don't have the money for that kind of compedative deck

My red white Metalcraft Battlecry deck is really fast

4 X Siginal Pests
3 X Accorder Palladins
2 X Ardent Recruit
2 X Memnites
2 X Porcline Leginares
2 X Immorlator Soul Stealer.
2 X Iron Myrs
2 X Gold Myrs
1 X Myr Smith
1 X Pierce strider

2 X Call of the Master
2 X Galvantic Blast
2 X Concussive Bolts
2 X Artilierise
2 X Remember the Fallen
1 X Frantic Salvage

other Artifacts
2 X Ichor Well spring
2 X Origin Spell bomb

There is probably better Decks out there though if I actually wanted to spend money on it... would be better with more 4's and less 2's
I got most of it from the " Battlecries" mirrodin besieged premade deck then the other half from boosters.... Cheap and Effective.
Thank you for your post! I love the idea of battlecry, and definately will be looking at that.

As for the Blue, I don't think I mentioned any blue?

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