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Hi there,

In a tournament the other day someone played an "unlimited damage combo" with Myrs, I couldn't work it out properly as I was trying to concentrate on my own game! Please can someone explain it to me. Thanks
Myr Galvanizer untaps all other myrs.  So with 2 Myr Galvanizers and enough mana myr to make at least 2 mana, you can generate infinite mana and thereby do infinite damage with pumpable things or spells with X in the casting cost.  You can also toss in the myr that makes a copy of itself for and make infinite myr, though they won't have haste.

Myr Galvanizer enchanted with Splinter Twin and any mana producing myr allow you to tap the Galvanizer to make another Galvanizer with haste, which you then use to untap the original enchanted one and the mana myr.  Then you make another Galvanizer, which you use to untap every other myr.  Repeat until you have a ton of Galvanizers, each giving each other +1/+1, all but 1 untapped, and attack.  Though worth noting that comboing Twin with Deceiver Exarch takes less cards, is less vulnerable to disruption.

Thanks for your reply - I think it was the second one (lots of galvanizers) that was played. Please can you explain how you would use the exarch in this combo? Thanks
Deceiver exarch + splinter twin

1. Cast deceiver exarch. Since it has flash, you can cast it at the end of your opponent's turn- especially if they are tapped out.
2. Cast splinter twin on the exarch.
3. Use the exarch's new ability to create a copy of the exarch.
4. When the copy comes into play, use its etb ability to untap the enchanted exarch.
5. You now have an untapped exarch with splinter twin and a 1/4 with haste. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have several thousand tokens.
6. Attack with several thousand hasty tokens. Win.
57092228 wrote:
It is not logic: it's Magic.

Thank you
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