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Saw a couple of threads on hate bears and Stax... and I'm not very excited about those concepts.

Something I *am* excited about:

Leonin Arbiter
Thorn of Amethyst
Lodestone Golem
Fulminator Mage

Path to Exile
Ghost Quarter
Tectonic Edge??
Crucible of Worlds???

Someone better at the archetype should be able to take this and run with it. I'd love to see a thread from Cyrus on this as an example.


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im not too good with archetype names, so sorry if this is the wrong thread, but i have also been wondering if modern might be the place to tale advantage of glissa, the traitor and cards like ratchet bomb and engineered explosives?

seems like it might be a decent idea for a deck geared toward locking down a game.

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Meh, not sure whether this is entirely accurate, at least for concept decks. Sometimes an unrefined idea cannot beat the top dogs at first, but with a few suggestions and heavy playtesting, they might get there. Islands' diamond in the rough lists are a good rebuttal to your statement.
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This is a puzzle I've been working on myself, but I don't think we can really build a good prison deck in modern, and it's not for a lack of lock pieces (many of the pieces common to vintage and legacy stax decks are available in modern), it's due to a lack of mana. The fact that mox diamond, ancient tomb and city of traitors aren't in the format slows the deck down by 1-2 turns. I've monkeyed around with various builds using 12 post and urzatron shells to get early mana, but, the fact is, by turn 4 those decks want to try and cast something like wurmcoil engine, not world queller. Also, the intensivity of colorless mana (and, again, lack of mox diamond) give you an extremely limited range of colored cards you can hope to cast. 

All in all, I want it to happen, but the fact that you can't turn 1 ancient tomb - chalice of the void or ancient tomb - mox diamond - trinisphere makes your first few turns a joke, and, without a good lock on the board by midgame, you're probably already dead. 
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The lack of Stax lands hurts, but SSG and Rite of Flame offer turn one Chalices and potential turn 1/2 Spheres and Moons, which shut down most archetypes. Ensnaring Bridge and Engineered Explosives should round out the matchup against Zoo and Post.
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I don't think it helps the prison gameplan to build a combo shell around a stax deck since the linchpin of the prison plan is shutting off cards like rite of flame. Yes, it's great when you get the nut draw and play two lock pieces on the first turn, but the far more usual scenario for a well-built stax deck will be topdecking a rite of flame when there's a chalice at 1, lodestone golem, trinisphere, or thorn of amethyst sitting in the way. You don't want your deck to argue with itself over what you're trying to accomplish....putting rite of flame in a deck that operates based on mana denial and chalice of the void seems kind of like putting Emrakul in a deck with dark confidant.

Engineered explosives also seems terrible for stax because the deck's kryptonite is mass removal (though, luckily pernicious deed, our greatest nemesis, is not here to hurt us in modern). If you crack explosives at 0 to kill tokens, you blow up your own chalices, so that's no good. Cracking it for 1 is fine, but, when the gameplan already revolves around chalice at 1, why bother adding another hate spell for 1 drops? At 2, you lose thorn of amethyst, and possibly some sideboard material (phyrexian revoker comes to mind), and, at 3 (first, why are you playing 3c stax? Seems loose...) you're blowing up crucible of worlds, trinisphere, ghostly prison, and ensnaring bridge

Your cards should be almost all (if not entirely all) permanents, and you should avoid at all costs destroying any of your own permanents unless they can be immediately recurred. That's the way the deck is meant to operate.
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If only we had Chrome Mox available to us like they did in old Extended. I recall R/W stax was relatively successful back then. You can probably pull off something like Armageddon Stax in a R/W shell due to having access to Wildfire, Destructive Force, and Boom/Bust. I personally haven't thought about this type too much in Modern, but it sounds like a fun thought exercise.

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