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By Steve Winter

Ever heard of Darwin’s finches? The D&D game has an abundance of them.

Magic Academies

By Robert J. Schwalb

Where do wizards, swordmages, binders, and other spellcasters learn to become masters of enchantment, evocation, necromancy, nethermancy, and illusion? Get a behind-the-curtain glimpse into five arcane schools of magic and sample their elite curricula.

Gond’s Way: Artificers of the Realms

By Doug Hyatt

Artificers in Faerûn have a welcome patron in Gond, the god of invention. This article explores what it means to play an artificer in the Forgotten Realms and provides roleplaying advice as well as new powers and feats.

A Hero’s Choice: Level 0 Rules

By Phillippe Antoine-Menard

Take your first step toward becoming a brave and powerful adventurer! Introducing an optional rules system for playing 0-level characters.

Strange Constellations

By Bruce R. Cordell

Star pact warlocks can now unlock the secrets of the “elder constellations,” but be warned! Such knowledge isn’t for the timid.

Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard

By Shelly Mazzanoble

D&D’s “Player-in-Chief” wonders what it’s all about, whether it’s worth it, and why anyone bothers.

D&D Alumni

By Bart Carroll

Take a trip through past editions of the D&D game, and see how its iconic features have evolved over the decades.


By Various Artists

LSephter returns to the pages of Dragon magazine. Get your “funny fix” here.

Nerathi Legends: The Gorgon King

By Richard Baker

Beneath the icy rampart of the Nurthedur Mountains in Karkoth lies the kingdom of the fell giants and their dread lord, the Gorgon King.

Leader of the Pack
By Julian Sieber

Three years ago, Zelgar Lightborn’s brother left the town of Silvergrail on a grand adventure and was cursed with lycanthropy. Now he’s returned, along with the rest of his pack. A D&D adventure for characters of levels 4–6.

Temple of the Weeping Goddess

By Phillippe Antoine-Menard

It’s time to leave behind your childhood and become an adventurer, but are you ready to search for a lost goddess in the Elemental Chaos? Your crazy mentor seems to think so! A D&D adventure for 0-level characters, designed to accompany Dragon 403’s “0-level Adventurers” article.

War College

By Robert J. Schwalb

Discipline. Loyalty. Courage. To a soldier born in Caer Storogal, these words hold profound meaning. Whether you’re good or evil, there’s much that can be learned about war behind the granite walls of this mighty fortress.

Less Death, More Danger

By Jeffrey Ludwig

Introducing the Injury Deck—a print-it-yourself deck of cards (with rules) that add a fun element of realism to combat.

Save My Game

By Stephen Radney-MacFarland

Eventually, every DM needs some advice. This month we delve deep into the mail bag to answer a number of questions from DMs.

The Crafthouse of Inspiration

By Doug Hyatt

If you’re playing an artificer in the Forgotten Realms, where do you go to find inspiration? Explore a temple of Gond that’s home to some of the wildest inventions in Faerûn. This article accompanies Dragon 403’s article “Gond’s Way: Artificers of the Realms.”

Eye on the Realms: Thormil’s Secret

By Ed Greenwood

If you need a sturdy beast to pull your wagon, Nars Thormil has the finest oxen in all of Cormyr. Just don’t ask where he got them.

Eye on Dark Sun: House of the Mind

By Rodney Thompson

In Draj, there is only one place to learn the secrets of the Way. The training is brutal and the headmaster’s a slave driver, but the rewards for success are well worth it.

Eye on Eberron: Daask

By Keith Baker

You think the criminal underworld is bad in Sharn? Meet the monsters behind the shadowy syndicate known as Daask.

Personally, I'm excited about every article listed, except the class-specific ones (which simply aren't my cup of tea, though I know many many people love them).  (And the Injury Deck.  I'll probably skip that one.)
I'm disappointed that there's only one "real" adventure this month. I don't really count a zero-level adventure built around optional rules. I hope I'm wrong and there's enough goodness in it to make it usable.
Gorgon King? I thought gorgons are some kind of cows with foul breath? Maybe a king with some gorgons as pets? Please don't let me wait to long before solving the riddle.
Only thing that is remotely interesting to me is the Magic Academics. Looks like soemthing that could of been an average to good 20-30 page article during the first year of online Dragon. Highly doubt it will actually be anywhere near that in actuality.

The Magic Academy and the War College intrerest can only be Schwalbulous !

The Artificer Article of Gond sounds both flavorful and love-pacted, with  new powers and feats. And the Crafthouse of Inspiration article to come support it is neat. Perhaps new Items ?

I am intrigued by the new Level-0 article.  I always liked the idea of starting at Level-0 then getting to actually choose your skills and profession in-game with instructors  etc... but never came up with anything concrete, may be this will do it....And i like that Philippe tailored an adventure to it. Looking forward to this.

Starlock ...under the telescope ? Brilliant !

Leader of the Pact sounds like a fun adventure... 

The Fumble Deck? really get me excited....i can't wait to see it... 

Lots of really cool stuff coming in Dragon/Dungeon again this month.... 

really bummed about a level 0 article. kind of got nauseous but then saw the dungeon against the giants preview and felt a little better

bummed about the lack of adventures and heroic bloat

anything schwalb does is gold

artificer support is good, people have begged for it for a while

wont be dling the card deck

warlock support is always nice
If that's epic-level support for starlocks, I'm going to do a happy dance.  I'm not even that interested in playing a starlock... but the idea of actually getting epic level support for ANYTHING is just exciting as all hell!
[20:53] [SadisticFish] yeah Llamas convinced me
Fingers crossed on the Artificer support.  My Gnome-in-a-warforged-suit character is likely to be either an arti or a swordmage, and the former would be both great fun and really useful to the group, so...  here's hoping this is actually worth having.

But I'm not expecting much
Harrying your Prey, the Easy Way: A Hunter's Handbook - the first of what will hopefully be many CharOp efforts on my part. The Blinker - teleport everywhere. An Eladrin Knight/Eldritch Knight. CB != rules source.
So, umm... cool article and all, but how'd this wind up in Dragon? 

Also, it didn't make it onto the Content Calendar.  Nor did the Dungeon article: 
[20:53] [SadisticFish] yeah Llamas convinced me
...Great Artificer article on the Gondsmen- a little more love for the class and the Forgotten Realms.  Still, the ToC is troubling. Not counting the regular columns (Editorial, Alumni, Confessions, and Dragonmirth (although no new strips since July)), we've gone from 7 (#401) to 6 (#402) to 5 (#403) articles in Dragon. 

They can't be hurting for submissions, especially fluff.  I thought the reason they instituted the two-month windows were because they were flooded with inquiries and submissions...Is it the fact that publishing something in Dragon/Dungeon makes it "Official Game Legal"? 

Just wondering aloud...
-Alveric "And the sword that had visited Earth from so far away smote like the falling of thunderbolts; and green sparks rose from the armour, and crimson as sword met sword; and thick elvish blood moved slowly, from wide slits, down the cuirass; and Lirazel gazed in awe and wonder and love; and the combatants edged away fighting into the forest; and branches fell on them hacked off by their fight; and the runes in Alveric's far-travelled sword exulted, and roared at the elf-knight; until in the dark of the wood, amongst branches severed from disenchanted trees, with a blow like that of a thunderbolt riving an oak tree, Alveric slew him."
Was there ever any word on why the article with the injury deck got cancelled?  And might we be seeing it in a future issue?  I was curious about that one.
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