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If i have Angel of Despair on the battlefield and my oppnent plays Nemesis Trap do they get to destroy a permanent and who's end step would the copy be destroyed on
I'm guessing it's your turn if they're able to play Nemesis Trap, seeing as it has to target an attacking creature - which Angel of Despair is only going to be on your turn. ^^

1. They do get to destroy a permanent. The token is a copy of Angel of Despair, complete with "when Angel of Despair enters the battlefield, destroy target permanent" - which triggers when the token enters the battlefield.

2. The copy is exiled at the beginning of the next end step - which will be your end step, seeing as the next end step to occur after your combat phase is your own end step.
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Yes, their token has the Enter the Battlefiled trigger, so they will destroy a permenant.
At the end of the current turn (if it is still alive) they will exile their token.
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