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I have been playing an allies deck in modern and so far so good, very versatile and very fast deck, have been able to out dmg and outspeed zoo, and the color protection/removal/finish options are wide.

My current decklist:

3 Mountain
5 Plains
4Akoum Battlesinger
4Hada Freeblade
3Harabaz Druid
4Kabira Evangel
4Kazandu Blademaster
2Ondu Cleric
4Oran-Rief Survivalist
2Ranger of Eos
2Talus Paladin
3Naya Charm
4Path to Exile
4Ancient Ziggurat
4Jungle Shrine
4Sunpetal Grove

For sideboard some artifact hate, an eldrazi with graveyard recycle for mill decks, and few other utilities.

Let me know what you think if you try it out.

Ally decks didn't see much tournament play for Standard so it would even less likely to work for Modern, I think. For casual, sure.

Mirror Entity is a pretty good ally that can make your "utility" allies better beaters in a pinch.
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