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I suppose this is as good of a category as any for this topic...

I just ordered my first set of molds (5 in total) from Hirst Arts.  Anybody have creations of their own that they would like to share pics of or discuss the finer points of casting and terrain creation using the molds?  Anyone making their own molds?

I am planning on using a combination of Hirst Arts for interiors and decorations as well as foam terrain for outdoor scenery.

As soon as I get rolling on this, I'll be sharing updates here if people are interested.

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I've never had a chance to take up that hobby, but it looks like a lot of fun!  I know I've seen some spectacular examples of stuff made using molds like those online.  I wish I had a lot more time and money to spend on that.

I am interested in seeing the updates - one of the coolest things about D&D is that it really attracts and inspires some very creative people!
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Tell me about it.  Some of these people have some insane talent.  Caveman has an amazing modular dungeon set.  The thread is 26 pages long, but well worth the read and pic viewing.

Celebrate our differences.