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This guy seems ridiculous acceleration for post, am I missing something? 

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I just realized how large a pain in the ass it's going to be to break down regionals like this
but look on the bright side, [b]Ding Dong jund is dead[b], it's not the boogyman anymore XD

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57689138 wrote:
Near Death Experience?
Gideon is not impressed by your triple white, incredibly difficult-to-manlipulate jank card.
Poor Niche
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MaRo keeps stabbing me in the face with cards like Phyrexian Rebirth. It's a black card.. with black art... in a white layer with white costs. Up yours, design team.
Cryptic Command can go munch on a bowl of my nuts
Quickly someone build a Modern Heartbeat deck.
And it's said that youth's ,well only tragedy Is being unoriginal
89522235 wrote:
niche's solution to everything is always MOAR BLACK! "ok, my legacy mono black control deck is getting hated out by light of day..." "MOAR BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I've seen decks with 12 Post, UG lands, and karoos

Running summer bloom, Amulet of Vigor, Trinket Mage, and Scapeshift.

So there's that 
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I'd rather just run explore and sylvan scrying. Much more consistent.

Screw post.... they need a combat phase to win amiright (well, not always)....

How about we just dust off our Ob Nixiliseseses and summer bloom/scapeshift our way into a 1 turn face melt?

Yeah... pretty bad.

Summer Bloom would best supplement an aggro loam deck... but its pretty darn narrow.

Cobras, fetches, lftl, bloom into an overcosted sorcery? Can we turn 3 a Cruel Ultimatum?


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