08/30/2011 LI: "Bouncin' Again, Bounce-Bouncin' again"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Limited Information, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Typical Limited card. The flashback should cost at least instead (Compare it with Undo or Withdraw). Silent Departure is a sorcery!

it It makes me kind of sad, that bounce is still in blue.
MaRo @ TGDS2: For my answer I'll give one of the most substantial changes I've ever pitched. I even wrote up a document and brought it to a Tuesday Magic meeting to officially present it. This was many years ago when the big color pie shift happened (when Disenchant became Naturalize and red started picking up tricky blue abilities and such). We were looking for more of an identity for white and the feeling was that blue had too much of the color pie. My pitch? Move "bounce" (Unsummon, Boomerang, etc.) from blue to white.


Without any further information from the set, it's hard to decide, if Innistrad is a fast or slower set and therefore it's hard to tell, if this card will be good enough to make it in a Limited deck. It can't safe your own bombs, so it's valueable, if you can return a creature your opponent controls that used up much mana. Screeching Bat // Stalking Vampire springs into my mind, but let's wait for more cards.
I was hoping he'd talk about how DFCs affect draft.
That would have been premature.  No one outside of Wizards has actually drafted with Innistrad, and everyone else is making assumptions.
Why would you have a preview card that's really, really boring?

Not even the most diehard Limited player is going to get excited over something like this. 
Why don't the Flashback cards have the tombstone symbol in the upper lefthand corner this time around?

I know it's a sorcery, but I'm actually excited about this card.  A relevant effect for 1 mana is quite nice in Limited, and the fact that it's a bounce spell that's less card disadvantageous than normal is gravy.  Not to mention the surprise double bounce mode.

I dunno, maybe I just tend to play the kinds of decks that this would be good in.  This is actually the Innistrad card I'm most excited by right now, isn't that weird?
meh, not very impressive but good in a pinch i guess, so far i haven't seen much that makes me go "whoa!!" awesome card/s!" and i hope so good ones come out or are in there as this is really feeling like a  block to bring the power level back down.

but i have to believe they are holding back the bombs..which they must ...right??...*silent prayer*

the one card i do like is the Reaper from the Abyss card in the serious fun column,  a bit pricey but wow pretty handy triggered ability.
just reminded me of good ol Firebolt
just reminded me of good ol Firebolt

Good catch. Would make a nice cycle of boons with a slightly cheaper Morgue Theft and some variants of Peach Garden Oath and Commune with Nature.
Felt like adding something:

I was browsing the visual spoiler and

I found that there's another blue flashback card that bounces a creature to the top of the library

Talk about breaking the bank of creativity on that one.

(Disclaimer: I hate blue. Don't take this to mean I hate Innistrad in general. It's just that my hate of Blue outweighs my love of Gothic Horror-land. That is all Laughing)
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