Vryloka and Revenants in Eberron - ideas?

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Hey guys,

I'm going to be restarting a campaign in Eberron I was running previously and a couple of my players are going to be playing Vryloka. I was hoping to get some suggestions on how to use them.

One is also playing a Revenant, however I've mostly hand-waved it away as he is an exceptional case. Since his  character becomes psionic after his resurrection, I've already thought up a plot involving Dal Quor for him.

Basically, for the Vryloka, I was thinking that they'd likely be undercover as nobles in the Five Nations. Karrnath seemed especially likely to me, what with the Warlord/Feudal system more or less in place.  I figured they would likely have some kind or organization dedicated to cultural self-preservation since there are many intolerant organizations in Eberron and they can be mistaken for a full-fledged vampire by those who are ignorant to their true nature.

Any ideas or suggestions for using Vryloka/Revenants in Eberron?
I've got a player who wants to switch to a Vryloka.  We're saying he's from Karrnath and is secretly a member of the Emerald Claw, trained as an Executioner.   I personally don't care much for the vampire-y characters, but it's what he wanted so I said okay.  I'm not going to focus much on the vampire parts until I can come up with a great hook.  Seeing as how the last story arc was focused on him, I may just have smaller parts for him for a while.

We'd talked about Revenants.  The two ways I'd thought of them coming in were as; Day of Mourning survivor.  Or as the Elvish Undying Court of Aerenal.
In case anyone wanted Genasi- I think they can be flavored in as half-elementals, from Khyber. 
Muls were Magebred and Shardminds became experimental Warforged- Shardforged.
Not sure what to do with Thri-Kreen though. 

Good luck and have fun!
Thri-Kreen are actually in-setting.  They come from Xen'Drik.

As far as Revenants go, you could also play it as "I'm a Karnnathi Zombie."  Bonus points if your Karnnathi Zombie didn't originally start the war fighting for Karnnath, but got that way after being killed and raised by Karnnathi necromancers. 
Salla, on minions: I typically use them as encounter filler. 'I didn't quite fill out the XP budget, not enough room left for a decent near-level monster ... sprinkle in a few minions'. Kind of like monster styrofoam packing peanuts.
It's not necromancy if the thread is still on the first page, right? 0__o

I know I'm four months late to this party, but I thought I'd share a recent brainstorm of mine. Much of my time with DnD is spent building characters (entire parties, really) with well developed (but not overly developed) backstories. This particular PC never made it that far, since she didn't fit well with the rest of my conceived party, but the bare-bones skeleton is relevant to the above discussion.

After reading Keith's Fort Bones article back in Dungeon 195, I had an idea for a Karrn Boneknight (Vryloka Blackguard). Hailing from the Odakyr region of Karrnath, an area strongly warped by the influence of Mabar, she herself was warped even in the womb (thus the Vryloka racial traits). (I'm a bit of a purist/snob when it comes to races in my Eberron, but I don't mind refluffing to tell special stories. In this case, Vryloka isn't a race as much as a set of features for an altered human.)

The second part of the bare-bones backstory was to involve an unusual bond with a Karrnathi skeleton, a companion character modeled upon the Fey Beast Companion introduced in HotF. I never fully developed the idea, but it has a ton of potential, I think. Maybe the skeleton is the remains of a dead friend or relative, maybe it's an agent of some greater power, etc... lots of material for a DM to use.

I think I may need to flesh her out, now, possibly as a starting point for yet another Eberron party that will never see the game table. ;)

What happened to my post count? It seems the more I post, the more it drops. Is that how it's supposed to work?

One guy in my campaign did it like this. In Eberron, when a good Deva dies, it is reborn as a Deva, and when an evil Deva dies, it is reborn as a rakshasa. We played it that when a Deva whose good and evil deeds were in balance, they had a 0.00000 on their karma meter, they were reborn as a Revenant.
A bit of forum necromancy (excuse the pun). But I thought I'd suggest the ideas I had for the Vyrloka. I was thinking that they could have some kind of blood connection to either Erandis (representing the Red Witch) or be a part of Karrnath's inner circle with a relationship to Kaius (they know his true identity and have been given some kind of blood-bonding gift that makes them quasi-vampiric).
Blood of Vol, Karnath.

Your bloodline has become infused with the power of blood, and the divinity within after generations of service to the blood of vol.
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