About the Feymire Set

Some questions about this new set:

How works exactly the "immediate" melee Attacks (Paladin/Swarm) ?

The High Cleric of Sune first CP:

A "Dazed" ennemy in one of my Victory Area gives +5 vp to my opponent ???
Is a "Stunned" or "Helpless" creature considered "Dazed" ?

Very good work on this set. (My favourite is the "Arachnomancer").
I like this idea of Alternative Cards.

You intend to create other sets like this ???

We want more, we want more ... Hi hi hi !!!
also a question about frostragger barbarian; on the heroscape set the special attack (glacial tomb) was for only one target but in the epic set 2 it is for two targets, which one it´s the correct one?

also an opinion, lower defenses for the human figther lord, because it could be too broken for the game
I was taking a look at the "miniatures" that every new creature will be represent, and get in surprise to see "Shiori" from Heroscape.

As far as i know, Shiori is the first heroscape creature - with no D&D design - to enter at dd skirmisher.

I´m not complain, in fact i really like the idea, specially if we see that we have a lot of extra options  on heroscape.

So, since this now open a precedent, i think we can see another creatures in a near future right?

It  all depends on whether Hasbro keeps the rights to Heroscape or another company gets it permanently  - that said, there are a few existing ddm sculpts that might be considered to be equivalent to the SKS, right?

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