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I have been playing magic for a while, and have decided that playing competitively is just not something I am good at. So I decided to go down the other path, and try and become a dealer. And no to the people who were about to make that joke I mean a Magic the Gathering dealer, not a Drug Dealer. I just wanted to know what you thought is the best way to make money off of it. I mean should I buy singles off of Ebay and resell them, buy booster boxes and sell packs, should I just open up the booster box and try to sell the Chase rare's I get from it, or should I be a bastard and map the box get the chase rares and sell the rest of the packs on Ebay?
Thank you for Reading and Commenting.
Hmmmm...this is a good question.  I, myself, am not particularly wise on these matters.  Perhaps you could start by working for your local card shop, or file to work with another card source (i.e. Star City Games).  Again, I'm not sure what I would do if I were in your shoes, so I hope this helped! 
RE: Being a bastard - People catch on to that sort of thing. Also, karma's a bitch.
I personally don't know much (or anything at all) but (and I'm not even sure if this is plausible) I would find some connections, where 'connections' means people who want to get rid of their cards and make some money. Then you might open up a website where people can request cards and, hopefully, one of your connections will have it.

Here's the tricky part. Many online stores have high, average, and low prices for cards. They also have a shipping cost. So long as you either or both charge the connections side money for selling their card(s) or charge the buyer for getting them that card enough to cover 'shipping' (or your preferred method or term) and also make a decent profit, it might go well as long as your rates are comparable or decent compared to the online stores.

haha, but that's just my personal, best-situation out take. As the others have said, you might want to start at a card shop and learn some tricks or tips on making cash off of re-selling cards.
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