2DMS + 7Players = Boredom amongst players

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We are approaching our 3rd game within our newly started Fall campaign. A problem that keeps reoccurring is the amount of detail our PCs want to go into, and by doing so- some players want to interject and put in their two cents, but become unheard amongst the other PCs. Also, we have some other players that are trying to delve into things, that are rabbit trails from the main plot, and are boring the other PCs because they see the irrelevance in what is happening. Sure, as DMs we can just cut them off from the rabbit trails, but then I'm afraid things might become stale if the players aren't free to do what they wish. The idea is figuring out how much we allow free-will vs. the potential boredom other PCs might experience.

The style of how we play the game is very much based around the story and decisions the players make. Very Bioware story written influenced. But we could ideally have this great story laid out, but if players are disconnecting than it doesn't matter how well the story is. It's so difficult to juggle all this, and a big part of me wants to kill 3 people off and be like.. "and.. stay out!" .. but that's the cop out.

Any insight advice and help would be so much appreciated!

I don't want my players to have a bad experience... Thanks all
...Why not split the group in two? I mean, you DO have two DMs, and more than enough people.
...Why not split the group in two? I mean, you DO have two DMs, and more than enough people.

It might actually be resulting to that... It's what we have been doing for combat, to make it go faster.
...Why not split the group in two? I mean, you DO have two DMs, and more than enough people.

This is your best solution.
...Why not split the group in two? I mean, you DO have two DMs, and more than enough people.

This is a very reasonable piece of advice.  It doesn't even have to be a split forever.  I was part of an interesting campaign (back in college, 3rd ed) where we had two DMs who coordinated their efforts.  Every couple of weeks the whole group would get together.  There might be one or two encounters with all the players together and then there would be some sort of choice that would split the party and each DM would break off a different group to pursue each option.

Sometimes it would break down between the sneaky characters and the non-sneaky characters.  Sometimes it would break down by alignment or deities worshipped by each character.  Sometimes it was just a matter of opinion about what was the most important task to do first.  You knew that in a little while you would meet up with the other group and have another chance to divide the group differently.

I thought it was a lot of fun, but I'm sure it took a lot of planning ahead by the DMs.  One of them was a computer science/creative writing double major who wanted to go into writing video games so he was quite good at that sort of thing.  I wonder if he ever ended up in his dream job . . .
I heard that they are making a new video game, where you control the Netherese flying citadel of Sakkors, raining death on your helpless enemies below. Working title: Mythal Command.
The practical upper limit is seven people (one DM, six players), so a table split is in order. The DMs can coordinate to keep the overall story together with the two groups dealing with different branches of it.
One method I stumbled across recently is splitting the party and drafting one of the players as a DM temporarily. That means one player doesn't get to play, but most enjoy the chance to try being a DM and/or a chance to beat on the party.

If I have one player that needs an extended scene away from the party by himself I'll run that while the rest of the party deals with some fight. When I have an encounter or a mission that only involves a few characters, the rest get sent off on some side quest that runs through some combat encounters/simple skill challenges. This way I can spend some time focusing on individual characters without letting the rest just sit around.

You will have to invest a bit more work up front to write up the details of the side adventure, but it isn't too bad as long as you keep the side adventure simple. You will be on hand if something unexpected comes up, but you don't want to be bouncing back and forth between the two groups.


I'd go for a split too and ask if any Players want  to be in the two camapign to fill it up. Like this the DM will have an easier time to Focus and Players to get more tan under the spotlight and Players will have more time to explore their own rabbit trails. Everyone win !

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