Modern Deck Idea: Tezcepter

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This deck is fun, I havnt really playtested it too much, just a little tuning.

Any Ideas Appretiated! Especially with the Landbase and artifact substitutions.

Main idea is to set up the Thrones Synergy, allowing you to steal their critters or ping them to death, or kill with your tokens, metalcraft also helps with dispense justice if you want to change an inkmoth to an artifact to take out 2 of their attackers.

Tezz helps drag whatever you need to complete your set, the scepters of dominance keep them busy, especially if you use it on a land type they only have 1 of.

Day of judgement and the other removals help keep you alive while you do this lol. So far its very fun.


2 x Scepter of dominance
2 x Scepter of Empires
2 x Throne of Empires
2 x Crown of Empires
3 x Everflowing Chalice
1 x Mox Opal

3 x Preordain
3 x Day of Judgement
3 x Tezzeret the seeker
1 x Emrakul, the aeons torn
4 x Path to exile
4 x Mana leak
4 x Dispense justice
4 x Oblivion ring


4 x Sejiri refuge
3 x Seachrome coast
4 x Reflecting pool
4 x Inkmoth nexus
3 x Glacial fortress
2 x Plains
2 x Island

Ideas / feedback appretiated!