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I have never played magic in a tournament before and I am thinking of entering some. Someone mentioned (in passing) that you can lose your cards in tournaments, please can somebody explain this.


You're referring to ante which means you read that gucomics strip from a couple weeks ago.   Woody didn't know what he was talking about except vaguely and ante hasn't been done in oh 15 years?  In the orignal Magic sets the rules said you played for ante which ment you set the top card of your deck aside, played the game and the winner kept both cards.  This caused issues cause it was technically gambling, people didn't like doing it, etc etc so it was dropped. 
Thanks for your reply! I didn't read it anywhere though, someone mentioned it at a casual play game the other day and I didn't hear properly what was said, got worried I would lose my things! Thanks
Three Common Causes of Lost Cards.

1) Your card sleeves are the same as someone else, and they happen to accidentally pick up your Oblivion Ring (or what have you) when scooping up cards. This not only can cause disqualifications, but it's a pretty embarrassing and accidental way to lose cards.

2) You left your sideboard on a table somewhere, and people thought they were abandoned cards. This can lead to people either scooping them on the way out the door, or to people tossing the cards into the trash, and sometimes, rarely, to handing them in to the event organizer.

3) You leave your deck out in the open, and a thief picks it up and takes it. This rarely, rarely ever happens, but should serve as a precaution. Keep your cards with you at all times.
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