DMs needed for CELESTICON - San Francisco Bay Area Gaming Convention - Labor Day Weekend

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Hello fellow Dungeon Masters!

CelestiCon is happening in 2 weeks and we need more DMs to run D&D, any edition you like, either your own homebrew adventures or LFR.  We have over 200 gaming events happening, and attendees have told us they want even more RPGs on the menu! You don't have to be RPGA, just a DM who loves to run D&D whether AD&D or 4e. It's all good. Wanna run your favorite module from an old Gameday event? That would rock too!

DMs who run one 6 hour game for 6 players get a free 4-day badge!  The convention is being held Labor Day Weekend (9/2 to 9/5) at the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood City.  We are running a special promotion on Sunday to bring in lots of players and I would LOVE if we had some DMs who could do D&D or Gamma World demos for the noobs. THANK YOU!!!