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Had this deck made for me, but I am not sure how to play it to it's full potential.

Any help?

Jungle Shrine   4
Terramorphic Expanse   3
Plains   6
Forest   6
Mountain   2

Knight of New Alara   2
Loam Lion   3
Woolly Thoctar   3
Qasali Pridemage   4
Steward of Valeron   4
Steppe Lynx   4
Wild Nacatl   4
Enlisted Wurm   1

Naya Charm   1
Lightning Bolt   4
Harrow   2
Oblivion Ring   3
Rampant Growth   2

Loxodon Warhammer   1
Adventuring Gear   1

Any help anyone?
Add more Harrow and Adventuring Gear, as well as more cards that play off of the RGW theme. Anything Thornscape (from the Invasion block) would be a good choice, particularly Thornscape Familiar. Rith's Charm might not be bad either, and if you have the mana to spare then add her herself.

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 i would add meglonoth its a powerful card and its fun to use adding more ramp would probably help too

I would say to add more land if you intend to use Adventuring Gear and Steppe Lynx. If not, Kird Ape is always quite the viable option in culminate with Wild Nacatl, Loam Lion and Hedge Troll. The Terramorphic Expanses are probably better replaced by dual-lands or what have you. Obstinate Baloth or Krosan Tusker are pretty good choices to fill out the heavier lifting positions. Nature's Claim and Punishing Fire can make pretty interesting interactions.

EDIT: I would probably also say to not use Enlisted Wurm since it's ideal function is to play a 4 or 5 mana spell for free, not put more small creatures on the field. Cascading is certainly good, but Enlisted Wurm is a tad too high on the mana curve, without any alternative interactions (like Krosan Tusker)

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It's a pretty basic deck. Drop your threats, turn them sideways, win. With Knight of New Alara it would be best to get some more tri-color guys in there. Retaliator Griffin is a $1 rare that you should definitely get 4 of, whether you have to order them online or get them from a local shop or whatever. If you run 4x knight and 4x griffin you're bound to do some serious damage. Some Rampant Growths or Druid of the Anima could be nice for that turn three 4-cost dude.
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