More Traps & Hazards for Your Post-Apocalyptic, Radioactive, Mutated World!

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Hello all!  Some of you may have seen my first try at omega tech and an origin for Gamma World use.  Some of you even liked them!  As I said on that thread, I decided to work on traps next since, of all the things I wasnted to do, it would be most immediately useful to my campaign.  Not to mention the fact that of 3 products there are 3 traps/hazards or so.  The link below is to where you can download a PDF of my first three.  One of these is essentially a reskin of the Doomspore.  The major difference?  It's more powerful despite being the same level (Gamma World is dangerous!).  Another is an adaptation from d20 Modern: Future which completely fits with Gamma World.  Finally I have one slighty complex but hopefully fun trap that takes inspiration from many different traps mechanically.  Let me know what you think and give me imput for improvement and as I work on some more I will update these!
Very nice indeed. I would love to see more traps and origins as well.
Thanks for posting this. Always hunting for more ideas, etc. Smile

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When a character is harmed by a trap or hazard, I suggest assigning him a penalty or condition that lasts until the end of the next encounter, or until the character takes an extended rest.

During a short rest, a successful Science check of moderate or hard DC (based on the level of the trap) could help the character by alleviating the penalty.

I did something like this, but had monsters be the "trap".  The situation was a battle without a mat or real initiatives (thus being more about roleplaying than combat) with an endless string of minions that they had to figure out how to escape/disable them rather than just smashing them in the face repeatedly.  this was during a halloween inspired adventure, and so if they were "hit" at some point they lost 3 hp as a part of their soul energy was clawed from their bodies.  The affect was cumulative until after the next large fight and worked really well both thematically and mechanically!
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