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I want to make a race with a racial power (probably encounter or daily) that can dominate an enemy. How can I balance this while still making it fun to play? Maybe you can’t use your powers while dominating an enemy or you can only dominate medium and small humanoids I would appreciate some ideas for this racial power.

I don't think that this can be done. Dominating is an amazing condition to inflict, and balancing something like that would require so many restrictions and stipulations that the power would likely stop fulfilling the intended function of racial powers as something that a character can make use of in most if not all encounters.

However, depending on how you go about it, it may be possible to do something with the same flavor as domination but that doesn't come with all of the amazing benefits that the condition itself does. For example, look at the Psion's Betrayal power. It doesn't dominate, but it still has that flavor.

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I'd suggest racial power that had fluff of limited domination, but that mechanically caused something simpler. Racial powers to compare power balance with are ones which make your own actions more effective (Dwarven Resilience) or enemy actions less effective.


Brief Domination          Racial Encounter       
For an instant you control the actions of an enemy, causing it to move involuntarily and become confused.

Minor action.
Close burst 5. Target: One creature in burst
Attack: Best stat +3 vs Will. (+6/+9 at Paragon/Epic)
Hit: Slide target 1 square, and it may not target you with an attack until the start of your next turn.

 . . . you can then add some feats to improve on this if the players are into the domination side of the race. For example, force the enemy to take a Minor action (as a free action) - or if that is too open-ended for balance (it allows you to make flying creatures drop prone or armed creatures drop their weapon for example), you could come up with some other variation - creature may not take Opportunity or Immediate actions for instance.

Probably a full domination effect, even one highly time limited, is going to be  Paragon Path or Epic Destiny for the race.
Or you could go with something like Commander's Strike, but used on an enemy. Just a thought.
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