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I realized with a shock yesterday that I actually have most of the cards I need for a kick-ass Standard deck. As such, I set to work with a simple plan in mind!

--- Lands ---
8x Island
8x Mountain
4x Buried Ruin
--- 20 Lands ---

--- Creatures ---
3x Copper Myr
3x Silver Myr
2x Palladium Myr
4x Hovermyr
4x Myr Galvanizer
4x Myr Superion
4x Myr Battlesphere
--- 24 Creatures ---

--- Non-Creature Spells ---
4x Mana Leak
2x Prototype Portal
2x Myr Reservoir
4x Myr Turbine
2x Red Sun's Zenith
2x Blue Sun's Zenith
--- 16 Non-Creature Spells ---

The idea is simple. Get an infinite mana combo going off, then use either Red Sun or Blue Sun to insta-gib my opponent. As an alternate win condition, I always have Myr Battlesphere and the Superions as well! Please note that I do not have excessive amounts of money, so top-tier cards are sadly out of the question for me. :/ I only have all the Myr I need due to excessive amounts of trading.

As such though, I have no bloody idea what to sideboard. =.= I do have two Adaptive Automatons that I considered putting in. What should I remove for them? :/
Should I put in an Emracoolstorybro or two as an alt alt win con?
=== My Decklist === Myr Mania - Standard If you've got some time, give 'em a look-over. I'm always looking for constructive opinion. :3
First thing i see is that you have no defence here against flying at all.  Id consider dropping in a Steel Hellkite if you have one just to give you something that can stall a flyer in case you dont draw into your zeniths right away.  Not to mention with an infinite mana combo you can destroy anything of your opponents that you want.

The other thing id do is drop 2 of each of your basic lands and run Buried Ruin since it will let you dig back any of your artifacts that may get destroyed.

And have you considered maybe going with some white in here and turing it into a myr/tempered steel deck.  Could even get something in here like Myrsmith or go with green and run Green Sun's Zenith with infinite mana you could grab Emrakul, the Aeons Torn or just play it simple and grab Darksteel Colossus/Blightsteel Colossus
I knew somebody was gonna bring up Tempered Steel. :/ It's too goddamn expensive, though, and nobody will trade for them.
I like the Buried Ruin idea, though! ;3

Should I run two less lands to run 4x Prototype Portal, though? :/ The plan is to have them replicating my big Myrs lategame, or Hovermyrs early game.
=== My Decklist === Myr Mania - Standard If you've got some time, give 'em a look-over. I'm always looking for constructive opinion. :3
fair enough on the Tempered steel.  Personally i wouldnt drop any lands - 20 is about the minimum you want to run even with all your mana myrs

What about switching to green in there so you can make use of green sun's and such? 
Considering the fact that all my creatures are Myrs, I already have a Green Sun's Zenith in there. :/ But you're probably right on the lands. Don't want to drop any more.
=== My Decklist === Myr Mania - Standard If you've got some time, give 'em a look-over. I'm always looking for constructive opinion. :3
<a target="_blank" href="[Prototype]+[Portal]" rel="nofollow">Prototype Portal</a> seems like you're handing them card advantage if they hit it with an artifact destruction (you lose 2 cards for their one). I'd go with Mimic Vat over it, personally, and I"d drop the Copper Myr since you're not using green anyway. I'd either throw in Myr Sire, Plague Myr, or flying defense as someone had already suggested. Tempered Steel would indeed rock in this deck, but if you can't afford it you can't afford it, end of discussion :-p Instead you should run the Automatons to help boost your Myrs that much more. I would also consider Shimmer Myr because Flash is always awesome to have on every creature in your deck.
as a Sideboard, Myr Sire and Perilous Myr both work well against aggro and board-wiping decks. If you do keep green in the deck, Withstand Death can help, otherwise I'd throw in some Apostle's Blessing to act as counters and evasion. You can also run Eel Umbra as a blue version of Withstand Death.

Lastly, there's a white angel that gives all your artifacts Shroud if you have metalcraft, which may be worth consideration.
I like your list. The infinite mana combo I have always been a fan of. Some things I would consider is this:

With an infinite mana combo, I would have a backup. If you're playing red anyways, maybe have fireball in there. Then, if you have the infinite mana combo, the chance of you not having a zenith or fireball are slim.

Also, if you need time to get your zeniths and/or mana combos, maybe have platinum emperion. You can play him using mana or myrs. Fetch him using treasure mage since you're running blue. I feel like these are possibilities, not requirements.

When considering these, remember, this infinite mana combo is good because it's standard. But it's not easy to get out...especially with all of the blue/black control out there. These may be ways to help back up the combo.

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