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This thread is for discussion of this week's Limited Information, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Could not agree more. I've been drafting a fair bit on MTGO as a precursor for live drafting (due to financial restrictions I've only just been able to come up with some spare cash for drafting, with this Friday being the first draft I'll be able to attend), and while I've not seen a Day of Judgment get passed, I have seen Call to the Grave as a ~third pick on at least 3 occasions, which just baffles me - you get it alongside a Reassembling Skeleton or a Jade Mage and you've pretty much got a lock that's going to be very tough to break. Yet because of the speed of the format, people overlook it for being too slow (even though you play the Skeleton on turn 2, chump block with it at will, then play the Grave on turn 5 and watch them squirm). Worst case scenario, it's a slower Day of Judgment - and ok, that's not great, but it's not bad either. Not to mention that it keeps on ticking over if you can just keep a zombie out.

In a similar vein, why would you not want Day of Judgment? It's removal. If you need to use it, you don't have battlefield supremacy anyway. If you don't need to use it, you're probably winning anyway. It's just an all around solid card, and while it's more of a control card in what is an aggro-based format, it'd take something just as bomby (like Mind Control level bomby) for me to pass it to the next player.
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Funny, I've always refered to Fancy Play Syndrome by the much more complex title of "Not observing that a card is at is played, nothing more and nothing less", still... It's the same meaning. A weird example of this is yesterday (on the forums) I said that a player could fit Wild Nacatl and Jedit Ojanen of Efrava into the same deck effectively, while another poster (no names will be mentioned), gave me trouble about how "Jedit belongs in a grinding control deck, and Nacatl belongs in a small zoo", but nothing on the cards explicitly says so, and so I found myself very confused as how a player would think that 2 value-based creatures on opposite ends of the mana curve don't have the potential to compliment one another well in the same deck. Perhaps I'm just too used to Domain and Punishing Zoo being the precedent for "all in little guys", but I've never though of Wild Nacatl as only belonging to Goyf-pushing decks.
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Oddly enough, I just passed a DoJ yesterday - but for a Mind Control, one of the few cards I would legitimately consider passing it for.  I suspect a lot of people are still evaluating DoJ in light of the Scars block wrath effects, where being two-sided (as opposed to the potential one-sidedness of something like a Sunblast Angel) is an issue and where costing 6 (as basically all the Scars wraths do) is also an issue.  You're much more likely to get a 2-for-1 (or even 3-for-1) out of your Wrath when you can cast it on turn 4 (where your opponent could legitimately have run out two guys vs. your empty board to try and build pressure) than when you cast it on turn 6 (where having no board presence means you're in serious trouble), and even when the card is drawn later in the game, costing 4 means that you have a better chance of following up your wrath effect with another guy and being the first to get pressure on on the new board, as opposed to having to Wrath and then letting your opponent stick the first creature.
lol, every draft i do i try to do Fancy. it seems (in my typical Johnny-Timmy way) i try to make my favourite (and always "bad") cards work in draft. i'm *still* trying to draft a deck that uses 5 Brink of Disasters super-effectively!
In this particular instance, I'm not sure it is an instance of FPS, but rather of something even more dangerous.  I think people judge the value of cards generally not in a bubble but rather in comparison to situations they are familiar with.  Day of Judgment is pretty much essential for a control deck in Standard because mass removal is generally needed and not much else can compare favorably to its mana cost.  But in limited, particularly in faster formats, it is more difficult (though not impossible) to set up a controllish type deck.  Basically you draft good cards, try to pick up on key synergies, pay attention to your curve, and try to forge a "deck" rather than a collection of cards.  Yet often, you end up just getting a collection of good cards, with both early and late drops.  So naturally, DoJ isn't as good in limited as in standard, because you can't as easily set up your deck to abuse it.  People who play a lot of standard realize this, so they devalue DoJ because it is worse in limited than in the format they are used to.  What they fail to realize is that even though it may not be as good in limited, it could still be better than another card that they would pick in its place.   Also, people don't like drafting white.  It's probably a combination of all three factors really.  Now if someone picked Sidewinder Drake over say Djin of Wishes because they wanted to draft a really sick curve, this is more clearly FPS imo.    
I actually quite like White in M12, but I seriously dislike DoJ. I would probably not first-pick it over something like Doom Blade or Jade Mage, but over most other cards, sure. If nothing else then not to play against it..!
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Too bad the people in charge of MTGO decided to hide opponent ratings.
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I still have issues with day. Its fine if you've got it in your hand to start with but in limited you can not really, not play your creatures cause you have 1 day of judgement in you deck. A card like pyroclasm or infect i can tailor my deck to. But in almost all situations day is a horrible top deck because,no one in there right mind is going to play, to draw there 1 dojo . Granted in this format if its in your opening hand its probably going to be pretty awsome. However when ever it is not and you do draw it you would probably rather have a oblivion ring or doomblade.

In my experience you either draw it and dont want to play it and win anyway, or you draw it you play it and still lose, cause youd already emptied all your other resouces trying to stay a live and although the day temprarily restores parity your already at a lot lower life total than your opponent and he still has the edge and winds up winning 80% more of the time.

Its very rare you can engineer situatiuons where you can profitbally set your opponent up for a dojo, it really does have to be in your starting hand or first two draws. Even when that happens in limited your opponent can just follow up with a serra angel turn 5 and youve already taken 3-4 attack phases worth of damage leaving you pretty low on life. And your left with a bunch of creatures in hand all that can not block or are smaller than the serra angel and still die to it.
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