The Community Team

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This post serves as a place where we can update the community team roster as well as our general goal/activities.


Your Community Team

Quentin Small (Crazy_Monkey)

Sean Gibbons (Wizards_Sean

Trevor Kidd (WotC_Trevor)

Monica (Dragonette)

Sean primarily hangs out in the Magic: The Gathering forum areas, while Trevor focuses mostly on Dungeons & Dragons. Monica and Quentin spend a lot of time in both, dropping in wherever the hottest conversations are cropping up.

The team's main responsibility is to make sure the flow of information between the company and all our online communities is moving well, in both directions. So news coming down the pipe gets delivered to the community, and any feedback or requests from the community are heard in the hallowed halls of Wizards. This means you'll see us lurking around a lot, reading as much as we can, but we'll also jump into conversations and share our opinions and possibly some inside information when we can.

While the community team is not the ORC (online response crew) and we don't bring the conduct hammer down, we do report any conduct violations we see while perusing the forums, just as any other Wizards employee and many users would. We are also involved in shaping the community into what we and you want it to be, as well as affecting some changes to the code of conduct.

That's it for now - We'll update this post with new information once some projects get a little closer to completion.

Trevor Kidd Community Manager