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I'm thinking of buying a netbook, and, if possible, I would like to install MTGO on it.

I have a couple of questions:

1. I've read that there can be problems with the screen resolution due to most netbooks having a resolution of 1024x600 and the minimum requirements for MTGO being 1024x768. It seems that most problems are on the initial login screen, however, and then after that the client works fine. Are there any other graphics problems associated with running MTGO on a netbook besides the problem at the login screen?

2. Does the MTGO client run smoothly on most netbooks, aside from the graphics issues?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Yeah, after the logon screen the graphics are "fine".  They're usable, but so very very small.

Though I don't have a netbook, I've watched someone play on one and it seemed to run just fine.  You may have to run under software rendering though (reducing overall graphics quality), which is how I run on my non-netbook laptop anyways.

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Great, thanks so much for your help!
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