Illustration: Cold as Stone (Stone golem)

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(Edit: Added a new illustration below)

Hello! Just wanted to share this new piece i've finished, hoping you'd drop some comments and critics on it. I'm trying some MTG oriented art, and i've learned some slaps on the face are the best way to get better.

Cold As Stone

An stone golem, probably karn's family who knows, lurking around.

Before this i always used lots of layers and time for my art, and they didnt even look half good as this one. Now I use just one layer like many magic artists do on their tutorials and I've found its easier to keep unity on the whole scene.

Hope you like. And if you dont, I wanna know it as well so leave a comment please!

BTW: Anyone knows how can i change my screen name? I dont like that guest1231231 thing
Very atmospheric. Looks like he is carrying some magical object into a cave.
Quietly disturbing.
Alright, I'll bite.
Critiques are often aggressive so bear with me.

From the MTG art director instructions:
Color: Black, dark
Location: Underground?
Action: Item in golem's hand. Golem.
Focus: Walking golem with item.
Mood: ?

I've circled some problem areas on the piece.

His shoulder needs some work. Take some photos of your shoulder or a friend's shoulder. If you need a model, tons of resources are available on if you want someone if that'll help. Musculature cannot be overlooked or given only a first pass.

The lighting on the quadricep needs some love. Where is the light source here? It's the artifact diamond, not a sun. (It's underground.) If you want to make an "underdark" type light, google them and see how masters have expertly captured only the necessary light.
The background red circles are what catch my eye but these things aren't defined, what are they? If they're out of focus, make them really out of focus. Photoshop filters should never be obvious.

I added lines for his weight shift. Try to recreate it. The head placement isn't possible. (Yes it's a golem, fine, but I don't think you intended for it to approach the uncanny valley.)
Finish the background.

Buy these two books now:
Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn't Exist by James Gurney
Color and Light: A Guide for the Ralist Painter by James Gurney
They'll help you with your lighting issues.

Make more and submit them for others to see constantly.
Visit conventions and meet with art directors.
Always include a link to a portfolio like DeviantArt or your website. 

You're on your way.
Good luck.
Alright, I'll bite.
Critiques are often aggressive so bear with me.
Good luck.

Damn you bloody vampire!
I mean, lots of thanks for spending your time on this, believe it or not I really appreciate your critiques!

As soon as i finish what im working on Ill check it all and try to fix what i can. Though, in any case, I already wrote down on my mind all you said for the next illustrations.

Its funny what you said about defining the attention points. I need to remember I'm doing fantasy illustration, not traditional paintings with half-abstract content where you let the viewer imaggine whats going on. Thanks for the advice!

About James Gurney's books, everybody's suggesting me them, they must be great! I already ordered online, tried to found them on local stores with no success.

Assisting to cons and meeting art directors...... already kept an eye on them, though its gonna be a tricky part here in spain.

Again, thanks for your time. If you dont mind ill bug you again with new works to bite on!
Calling For The Ancients

I'm back on it. Something more complex, tryed to get more dynamic and detailed, something more proper for fantasy illustration.

Again, please shoot your crytics if you have some time!
i'm not much of an artist, but i wanna say this looks a whole lot better.

however, her foot is on backwards. 
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