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My painted set of Castle Ravenloft Minis. I wasn't out to win any awards here, just get some color onto those nice little figures and make them more fun to play with.

Castle Raveloft Painted

The Dracolich





Flesh Golem Front

Flesh Golem Back

Castle Ravenloft Heroes
I posted my Wrath of Ashardalon minis too - plus a bit more about the 'quick and dirty' technique I used:

Very nice job. I especially like the wraiths.
I'm so jealous. You did so much better than I could do. (I've tried painting minis but just don't have either the vision or hand-eye coordination to do it properly.) Yours look really nice and I wish WotC would sell painted minis just like those!

Marv (Finarvyn) Master of Mutants (MA and GW) Playing 5E D&D and liking it! OD&D player since 1975

Thanks Marv - well I had fun doing them, but considering the time they took me to do, I don't suppose it would be cost effective for WotC to produce them for sale. The ones they used to do a few years ago were a pretty good quality for the price, I thought - but I guess it still wasn't worth their while.
I agree about the quality of the pre-painted minis that WotC used to sell. I wish they would have a couple of options -- not painted or pre-painted -- so that fans could get the maximum enjoyment out of the game.

Whether they are done by the company or the guy who bought the game, either way I think painted minis make the game a lot more fun, particularly for kids and newcomers. Painted minis just grab you more and make play more exciting.

Marv (Finarvyn) Master of Mutants (MA and GW) Playing 5E D&D and liking it! OD&D player since 1975

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