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so this is the start of a deck im thinking about building... wanna keep it green/black...

  some  cards that come to mind are

life from the loam
Crucible of worlds
raven's crime
inkmoth nexus
rites of flourishing
zombie infestation

so you can dredge two loams from your graveyard... return the lands to your hand make zombies discarding the lands... play them from the graveyard bringing back bloodghast...or discard them to empty your opponents hand.... seems fun so far... needs some tweaking and removal... definately off to a good start.

wish zuran orb was legal would make this deck absolutely redicoulous.
Jund loam decks are pretty good in legacy, you may want to consider adding red for countryside crusher and seismic assault

theres a good article here give that a read if you are thinking of trying to adapt an aggro oriented loam deck to modern, many of the key cards are modern legal, unfortunately I think without mox diamond (and with chrome mox + mental mistep banned) aggro loam will be too slow for modern. I've posted a topic on a loam control deck I'm working on (also based on a legacy deck) you may want to read for some ideas.

I think bloodghast is a cute idea but to be honest its very underpowered compared to other 2 drops like tarmogoyf and dark confidant in a format rife with punishing fire recursion I don't think it will do a lot.

punishing fire is in standard as well... i dont see hawks having a problem.

yes but grove of the burnwillows is not in standard.
You realize Rites of Flourishing helps your opponent as well...
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