DDM Warband Tool v 1.4.10 - Items and Heroscape

Version 1.4.10 of the DDM Warband Tool is now available at:

DDM Warband Tool

Highlights include:

  • Inclusion of Heroscape Wave 13 figures and stats
  • Inclusion of All Item Sets 1-6
  • Added more pictures for items
  • The item cards now show in All Items mode (before you could only browse the cards in Valid Items mode)
  • Fixing of the Lich Vestige Bug and warbads folder bug

Note that the item validation has been changed to allow an item in a warband if any figure in the warband has at least one keyword matching at least one of the keywords for the item.  Thus, the WBT might let you include an item that none of your figures can equip. The alternatives were to sometimes falsely restrict items that you could equip, or to write a lot more code .

(Source Code is available at: ddmwarbandtool.codeplex.com/)


Pat Lynch

Thanks for this wonderfull toy, Pat.
We're all use it in my club in Belgium.

Thanks again.
Thanks Pat.
And of course, you having just gone through the huge trouble of updating this means that Tried will tomorrow publish the new Guild Set from GenCon...
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