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Point defence kills are immediately resolved. Fighters leave the board before their shooting phase.
(Rule by Gothwolf117)

Single fighters count as a full squadron (12 fighters). Squadrons must be placed before the game starts on their capital mothership statcard. Capital ships have a launch number and a squadron number, representing the number of squadrons it can launch at the same time and the number of maximum sqadrons in their hangars (an ISD had launch 1 and hangar 6). If the capital is destroyed, all fighters still on board are also destroyed. This rule removes the "Infinite" ability from fighters, substracting 3 points form those fighter cost.
(Rule by TopAce)

Instead of 1d20 use 2d10's. This decreases the completely randomness. 2x a 1 is a natural miss, 2x a 10 is a natural hit.
(Rule by Gothwolf117 and TopAce)

Standard SSB ships, additional info:

02 - MonCal Cruiser HomeOne
Hangar 2, Squadron 10

03 - MonCal MC80 Liberty
Hangar 1, Squadron 3

09 - Rebel Cruiser Nebulon-B
Hangar 1, Squadron 2

10 - Rebel Transport
Hangar 0, Squadron 0

31 - Super Star Destroyer Executer 
Hangar 3, Squadron 12

34 - Imperial Interdictor Cruiser
Hangar 1, Squadron 2

35 - Imperial Star Destroyer
Hangar 1, Squadron 6

Custom ships:

Resevered for future. :D

The rest of this post is open for discussion!
Should the Launch of the ISD be up to 2? Also in the squadron rules?

Ship additions. I'd like to add them fair, not one side all.
Suggesting Empire: Imperial Dreadnaught, TIE Defender
And Rebel: Correlian Corvette, Z-95 Headhunter
a medium class and a starfighter each.
I got stats on them, but if anybody else has (tested) numbers for these, very plz!

We need to have range rules. I'm thinking of two things. Rules by class or rules by weapon type.
Open for idea's.

1d20 is nice, but too random. I read about ppl doing 2d10's or even 3d6's.
2d10 sounds like a good system to try out for next time.

Regarding range rules, the system I've used has been the 8-6-4, where Class 1s have a range of 8 squares, Class 2s range 6, and Class 3s range 4. However there are a few additional rules as well, such as Class 3s cannot be targeted until they are within their own firing range (for example a Millenium Falcon attacking an SSD cannot hit it until it is 4 squares or closer to it, and likewise the SSD cannot engage the Falcon until it is within the same range).

Rules for weapons types would be an interesting experiment as well, we'll have to hammer everything out but I look forward to tossing around ideas, running more practice games.
Building off of my wishful thinking during the match, I wonder if a ramming rule can be worked into the system, say for heavily damaged vessels about a point away from death. The tricky part is figuring out when one can declare a ramming attack, and how to give the defender a chance to save themselves from it.

I'm thinking so far that ramming attempts should be declared and made during the movement phase. Only ships on the verge of dying (say Class 1s with 3 hull points or less, Class 2s with 2 or less, Class 3s with 1) with enough movement points to reach a square occupied by an enemy ship may make the attempt, and once started it cannot be reversed. The targeted ship can either (and here's where I'm unsure what's more realistic) can roll a number save (to be determined) or can use all its weapons to try and shoot down the oncoming ship.

In the case of the save option, it would be activating emergency thrusters and/or shields to prevent the ram attack from impacting the ship. With the weapons, the ship will fire everything it has at once (simultaneous rolls) to try and finish off the ramming vessel. In either case, the defending ship would be unable to participate in the shooting phase of that turn afterward, having expended all its emergency power or all its weapons for that round. In this way a ram attack will still affect the defender, even if it fails to successfully kamikaze into the target.

Assuming the ram attack is successful, figuring out damage to the defending ship is another tricky issue. The attacker is automatically destroyed, but there are several variables to consider in determining what it does to the vessel being rammed. For example a Corellian Corvette ramming a full strenfth ISD isn't going to be the same as an Executor crashing into an already flipped Mon Calamari MC80.

This does seem obsessive, but I've always viewed Star Wars space warfare to be a lot like naval warfare during the World Wars, where ramming attacks were surprisingly frequent, and affected the outcome of battles. I think I'll give some more thought to it all and come back to it later, I just realized how drawn out this is getting lol.
Was thinking about the Imperial Shuttle.
Let's reclass that thing to a class 4, but with the addition of Slow -1 (making the speed 4 -1= 3)
Maybe a bit of point change since the range becomes waaaay lower.
2d10 sounds like a good system to try out for next time.

Regarding range rules, the system I've used has been the 8-6-4, where Class 1s have a range of 8 squares, Class 2s range 6, and Class 3s range 4. However there are a few additional rules as well, such as Class 3s cannot be targeted until they are within their own firing range (for example a Millenium Falcon attacking an SSD cannot hit it until it is 4 squares or closer to it, and likewise the SSD cannot engage the Falcon until it is within the same range).

8-6-4 sounds good.
Agree on the smaller class 3's: imp shuttle and mil falcon for example. I think those should be added to the class 4's anyways, but with Slow -1 addition.
Ramming rule, that needs some thinking over and some simplicity in it...

What custom ships do you have? Maybe we should add more.
I got a load of them, but not all are finished. Looking for general ships mainly, the unique's we can add on a later stage.

Game ending should also be something to discuss.
I like the idea of reclassifying a lot of the Class 3s. For my unfinished Galactic Conquest system I'd divided Class 3s into Large and Small, since it didn't make sense for a Nebulon-B costing as much to build as a Shuttle, and permitting Starfighter Shipyards to build those smaller vessels. Making them all Class 4s is an interesting idea, forcing them to get in close for fighting as well as to be engaged themselves. We'd need to hammer out a specific list of what ship counts as a Large or a Small, and I'd like to point out that at the very least the Millenium Falcon (with perhaps the Outrider, Sith Infiltrator and Slave Is) shouldn't be affected by Slow -1 if they are remade into Class 4s, given that their speed is one of their notable attributes.

Just gonna put a rough list together of which would be Large or Small, open to discussion of course:

Class 3 Large: Rebel Cruiser, Rebel Transport, Republic Cruiser, Wild Karrde, Tantive IV (rather hard on the Dark Side, not having a Large Class 3 in the basic set eh)

Class 3 Small with Slow -1: Imperial Shuttle, Palpatine's Shuttle, Virago

Class 3 Small without Slow: Millenium Falcon, Outrider, both Slave Is, Sith Infiltrator

The custom ships I have are the Corellian Battleship (C2), Trade Federation Frigate (C3 Large) (both Titanium Series ships), Lancer Frigate (C3 Large), Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser (C3 Large), Dreadnought Battleship (C2), Republic Acclamator Command Ship (C2), Victory II Star Destroyer (C3 Large), Corellian Gunship (C3 Large) and Vindicator Heavy Cruiser (C2) (all built with Lego lol). All have untested stat cards I've made with photoshop, been planning on some generic versions of Unique ships but haven't got around to it yet.

I can post stat cards for any of the above on request, I would love some feedback on them actually.

For game ending, I think first of all it should be decided whether there will be a pre-established limit to the number of rounds it will go. If it's left at infinite rounds, for an option to keep a game from dragging on forever there should be conditions permitting a side to withdraw from the battle with what forces they have remaining. I have that built into my galactic conquest to make it more realistic, fleets don't often fight each other to utter annihilation, one side usually either retreats or surrenders if they are losing. Basically I'm thinking there should be a minimum of 3 or 4 rounds for a battle to go on, after which either side can now choose to withdraw what ships they can, or surrender any that can't escape (more on that in a bit). Of course this means the old rule that ships leaving the map are considered destroyed is no longer valid, but it opens up the game for bigger scale campaigns where fleets can fight, retreat, regroup and fight again later.

On the subject of withdrawing from a battle, I'd thought this out in detail when writing my galactic conquest rules so I'll type up what I have. All hyperdrive-capable ships (including starfighters) that are not flipped may immediately jump away from battle. EXCEPTION to this, if the opposing side has a non-flipped Interdictor Cruiser in their fleet they cannot simply jump away. My solution for that situation is to either destroy or disable the Interdictor to allow withdrawing, or moving ships off the star map during the movement phase. For example if a Mon Cal MC80 can leave the map using its movement points while a full-strength Interdictor is operating, it counts as having retreated. Otherwise, retreating ships will have to keep playing out rounds until either they escape off-map, are destroyed, or surrender.

Further rules for this concerning damaged ships, they should have to roll a save before they can jump away, to simulate potential hyperdrive engine damage impairing their ability to escape right away. If they fail the save, they'll have to play the round until next turn, where they can roll the save again (if they aren't destroyed by then). Additionally, they may try and move off-map in that time and escape the hard way.

Any starfighters without hyperdrives must be recovered by ships with fighter launch capability if they hope to escape the battle (essentially, if they are within 4 squares of a fighter launch ship at the time of retreating, they will make it). If there are no such ships remaining to pick them up, the fighters can choose to either fight it out to the death, or surrender. They cannot escape by leaving the map.

Lastly (I know, I've really overthought subjects like these lol), ships that are surrendered to the enemy fleet are considered captured, and may be used by them in the future (this mainly applies to a campaign format of course, in a standalone battle it's simply the end of the fight).

Whew, didn't think I'd be writing up so much again, I need to pace myself hehe.
Class 3 -> class 4
I agree with your list as stated above.

Extra ships that we both have:
Lancer Frigate
Victory II <- I have them as class 2's tough
Correlian Corvette (C3 large)
Plz post stats, or even better, statcards of them!

I think 7 rounds is a good number to end.

Inmidiately withdraw? "Flying to hyperspace ain't dustin' crops, boy!"
I say after 1 round you declared it, for calculating the route. Gives also the option to go for a last try to hit them.

Also, which rules to add in the first posts?

Posting from my girlfriend's laptop, as I'm currently in the US, but I do have my hard drive along so here's what stat cards I have:

Victory-II Star Destroyer (it's a Class 3 Large, to give the Empire a counter to the Rebel Cruiser)

Vindicator Heavy Cruiser (basically a modified Interdictor)

Trade Federation Frigate (non-canon as far as I know, but the Titanium model was far too small to count as a full Battleship)

Lancer Frigate (a note on the Close-In Point Defense Lasers for the Lancer and Corellian Gunship, I was inspired by the conversion mod Fleet Command for Star Trek Armada II (which lets you play as New Republic or Imperial Remnant), these ships could pick off all incoming missiles and torpedoes within range, only direct fire from laser cannons, turbolasers, ion cannons etc could touch them)

Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser for Light or Dark side

Dreadnaught Battleship (again non-canon as far as I know, born from putting together a Lego Dreadnaught that turned out to be rather too large to count as a heavy cruiser type, but I still wanted to use the model)

Corellian Gunship

Corellian Battleship (same story as the Trade Fed Frigate, a non-canon ship to accomodate an oversized model)

I think out of them all, only the Corellian Battleship has been playtested a little, so the stats aren't necessarily the best, I'm especially uncertain about ship costs. I'd love feedback on any or all of them, I won't be able to modify the cards themselves until the end of my trip, but details can be hammered out in the meantime.

I think the general range rules can be added to the first post, and maybe the rules we've thought up for the Class 3s based on their size and/or speed. Also the 7 round maximum would be good, and I like that requiring another round to withdraw rule.
After a break, mostly unwanted, Im slowly getting back into SSB, and also continue these topics :D
Must have a online battle again soon :D
Also, I am willing to host one if 2 others want to play, just let me know.
Right, adding a ship: Corellian Corvette for Rebels.
Easy to get (Micro Machine), I might have even a few spares laying around.
The stats different from what I see here and there. These are what I got.

Class 3
Cost 19
PD - 0
Hull 3 / 2
Armor: 14-10-10-8
Turbolaser +2 / 1
Laser +1 / 1
Anti Fighter +4

Armor: 12-8-8-6
Turbolaser +2 / 1
Anti Fighter +4

Agree, not agree, discuss!!!
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