[CoN] Conquest of Nerath as background to D&D campaign?

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I bought CoN for my son on his tenth birthday, and we have just finished our first game.  We both really enjoyed it, and I started thinking about using it as a background to a D&D campaign.  A few years back Wizards ran a pretty successful Axis & Allies Minis campaign where the macro game was played using the Axis & Allies boardgame, then selected battles were fought out using the Miniatures game.

With this in mind I thought about playing a CoN game and noting the results.  This would form a 'future history' as backdrop for the D&D campaign.  Each full CoN round would be the equivalent of three months of 'game time' in the campaign.  To give it more of a narrative feel I considered naming the pieces and tracking their progress - dragons, wizards and fighters would be individuals whilst monsters, siege engines, elementals, ships and foot soldiers would be units.

For example, the defense of the Stonemarch by the 2nd Nerathi Legion, the Archmage Homer and Sybraxis the silver dragon against the hobgoblin Bloodreaver Horde, the orc Severed Eye tribe and the Black Stone Juggernauts commanded by the Warlord Gomoth of the Iron Citadel sounds better than the Nerathan League's 1 foot soldier, 1 wizard and 1 dragon vs the Iron Circle's 2 foot soldiers, 1 monster and 1 fighter.

To name the pieces I thought of taking NPC and group names from the Core (Nerath) 4E D&D modules and assigning them to factions.  I have started a database of names from a few mods as an example below.

I will try and find some time to play a CoN game in this way over the next few weeks and post the 'war journal'.



Keep on the Shadowfell
Shadow of Kalarel
The Slaying Stone
Orcs of Stonefang Pass
Reign of Despair

Dark Empire of Karkoth


Kalarel (male human priest of Orcus)

Ninaran (male elf spy)

Agrid (male gnome rogue)

Maw (intelligent undead)

Prince Rolan (male shadar-kai noble)

Izran Barrowmere (male shadar-kai fighter)

Amalia Umberfell (female shadar-kai wizard)

Cauldrus Barrowmere (male shadar-kai noble)

Isilus Barrowmere (male shadar-kai noble)

Everen Barrowmere (male shadar-kai noble)

Clay (male shadar-kai warrior)

Devina Umberfell (female shadar-kai noble)

Marice Umberfell (female shadar-kai noble)

Ilyana (female shadar-kai vampire)

Irmeth (male revenant)

Golthor (gargoyle chieftain)

Shard (gargoyle)


Charnel Fangs (vampire coven)

Vailin Alliance


Delphina Moongem (female elf merchant)


Iron Circle


Balgron the Fat (male goblin chieftain)

Irontooth (male goblin warrior)

Hu-Jat (hobgoblin warchief)

Vohx (male orc warchief)

Dreus Matrand (female human wizard)

Kiris Hoyt (male human wererat)

Triflik (male goblin warrior)

Speelock (female kobold wizard)

Rort Tomeripper (male goblin wizard)

Krayd the Butcher (female orc warrior)

Hyrkzag Dragonskull (male orc chieftain)

Dzagor (male orc warrior)

Tuthak the Pummeler (male orc warrior)

Stonefang (earth titan)

Ziguarz (male goblin hexer and chieftain)

Glax (female goblin warchief)


Bloodreavers (hobgoblin slaver unit)

Sundered Gate (hobgoblin war-band)

Severed Eyes (orc tribe)

Bile Spiders (goblin tribe)

Nerathan League


Douven Staul (male human adventurer)

Parle Cranewing (male human scholar)

Marla (female human priestess of Pelor)

Lord Ernest Padraig of Wintershiven (male human noble)

Rond Kelfem (male human captain)

Salvana Wrafton (female human innkeeper)

Eilian the Old (male human farmer)

Valthrun the Prescient (male human sage)

Thair Coalstriker (male dwarf smith)

Bairwin Wildarson (male human merchant)

Sister Lenora (female human priestess of Avandra)

Sir Keegan (male human noble)

Kiris Alkirk (male human noble)

Treona (female human ritualist)

Tyristys (female brass dragon)

Rangrim Glintshield (male dwarf noble)

Prince Thorvil Glintshield (male dwarf noble)

Thane Harvak Glintshield (male dwarf noble)

Hadarra (female dwarf wizard)

Gwendar (male dwarf ritualist)

Serka (female dwarf ritualist)

Rigdin (male dwarf ritualist)

Duggin (male dwarf warrior)

Tomas (male human man-at-arms)


Wintershiven Regulars (human militia unit)

Glintshield Clan (dwarven clan)


This sounds like an awesome idea.  The only problem I forsee is that te players might feel that they can't affect things as their characters.
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I was thinking of a military campaign where the PC's start off as rank and file soldiers, perhaps conscripted into service, then as they advance in level they become heroes (fighters & wizards).  At that point they may be sent to explore dungeons, so instead of resolving the battle on the board I will run the adventure and the results will be incorporated into the CoN game.
Hey Carl.

This blog post might be handy for you: community.wizards.com/cailte/blog/2011/0... if you are going to mess around in the core setting.

Obviously I've avoided the "every adventure in Dungeon" bit, but it should be a solid start.