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I am making a horse themed deck and would lik some advice on what to include and what to change in it.

The rule for the creatures is that they must be a horse/unicorn/pegasus creature, any creaure that is based around a horse, not just something riding a horse (not a knight etc.), so this can include elementals, illusions, etc., as long as the pic. is based on a horse-type creature. Enchants/instants/arts/sorc. must have a horse on the card as much as possible (I had to break this rule for Basilisk Collar, but I may change it to make it purely horse themed ). The idea is to get the prized unicorn out with deathtouch, then buff it with stonewood invocation , and to buff the pegasus charger with it's first strike. Using Storm herd to get more creatures on the field I plan to end the game with a glorious charge .

Plains  12
Sacred Foundry   3
Plateau   3
Graypelt Refuge   3
Sunpetal Grove   3

Thundermare   4
Spitemare   4
Pegasus Charger   4
Prized Unicorn   4

Storm herd   2
War Chariot   2
Glorious Charge    4
Stonewood Invocation    4
Armored Ascension    4
Basilisk Collar   4

I may swap the 2 War Chariot for 2 Bronze Horse ? And I may also swap the 4 Basilisk Collar for 2Creeping mold and 2 Ronom Unicorn?

Some other cards I may include at some point are:

Pegasus stampede
Noble steeds
Jandor's saddlebags
Clockwork steed
Blessed Reversal
Aliban's tower
Benevolent Unicorn
Revered unicorn
Armored Warhorse

What do people think of the deck? How can it be improved and what cards should I change?
I would love to help you, if I could search gatherer for motives in art.

I believe armored warhorse should go into the deck, it is powerfull enough. 
How to Autocard
card: [c]cardname[/c]-> [c]Vampire Nighthawk[/c] -> Vampire Nighthawk
My initial thoughts are that Storm Herd is never going to work in this deck.  You're just not going to be able to get it into play as you'll have either won or lost by the time you have 10 mana available.  How about Sacred Mesa instead?

If you're running Prized Unicorn, then you definitely want some way to give it deathtouch - if not Basilisk Collar, then something else - otherwise it's just not worth playing his four-mana casting cost.

I'm not convinced by Armored Ascension - it seems like more of a mono-white card to me.

Also, Timbermare may be worth thinking about in place of Thundermare, as not only can it see itself onto the battlefield earlier, it eliminates your need to run red in your deck.  A two colour mana-base is much easier to organise than a three colour one.

You may also find some useful stuff if you do a text search for 'Horsemanship' on Gatherer - it's always handy for making your creatures unblockable.

Hope that helps!