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About eight months back or so, I found a handfull of websites that answered this, but I've long-since lost that list. Now, I'm super poor. I'm on disability for Crohn's Disease, in the process of saving up for a better car, a wedding, lots of things that would cause me to be responsible and not spend my money on multiple DnD books. But I'd still like to enjoy it. I noticed that 2nd Edition was legally free to download only I'm having difficulty finding it.
Does anyone know where I could get these legally free 2nd Edition books? And I do stress legal in there.  
2nd Edition is NOT leagally free to download. You may be thinking of the 3rd Edition SRD.
Of the two approaches to hobby games today, one is best defined as the realism-simulation school and the other as the game school. AD&D is assuredly an adherent of the latter school. It does not stress any realism (in the author's opinon an absurd effort at best considering the topic!). It does little to attempt to simulate anything either. (AD&D) is first and foremost a game for the fun and enjoyment of those who seek the use of imagination and creativity.... In all cases, however, the reader should understand that AD&D is designed to be an amusing and diverting pastime, something which an fill a few hours or consume endless days, as the participants desire, but in no case something to be taken too seriously. For fun, excitement and captivating fantasy, AD&D is unsurpassed.As a realistic simulation of things from the realm of make-believe or even as a reflection of midieval or ancient warfare or culture or society, it can be deemed only a dismal failure. Readers who seek the later must search elsewhere. - Gary Gygax. 1e DMG.
Well now this is driving me nuts. Not but a few moments before posting it, I had a wizards of the coast page brought up where it was listing these different things. Now that I try to find it again, I can't. Feh. Anyway, so it's 3rd Edition then?
The 3rd edition SRD is free for download, Just has the basics, from the PHB1 DMG1 and MM1, no cool pics or anything.

But yes, WotC did have a bunch of 2e and older stuff available as  free downloads, however, during one of their site restructuring the links got lost or broken. Lucky for us though, somebody went through the trouble of compiling all those links again, and as far as I know they are still perfectly legal to Download. Never heard anyone from WotC say that we werent allowed to download them anymore.

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