ADCP 3-2 Dawn Til Dusk(Origins 2011 Battle Interactive) Toledo, OH

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Hello everyone, Yes the most recent BI, ADCP3-2 From Dawn Till Dusk- (Origins 2011), will be a paid event. The cost is $4 per player for the nine hour event. The reasons for this is as follows:
1) This is a major one-time only event that takes up a lot of floor space in the store.
2) This event takes a lot of planning and adminstration both before, during and after the event.
3) By charging I can give the GMs, who take a lot of time to prep for this event, Swag.
Here is how the cost will break down:
1) All Judges, six in total needed, will get three of the four dollors charged in the form of a Gameroom Gift card. (What that means is for a six player table the Judge receves $18.00.)
2) The Head Judge/Story teller will receve $1.00 per player in the form of a Gift Card.
3) The players will get a chance to run this BI and have a good time! And they get to do this for less than the price of a convention badge and a day full of snacks at the gamestore.

If you would like to volunteer to judge, register on the site and email the organizer via the link on site.
As a Judge you will be invited to a Slot 0 on September 17th at my house. The Judges will not have to pay for this event but they will be requred to be prepared and professional on the day of the event.