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Hello, I am planning on starting a campaign in V3.5 for people who have never played before. They will be starting at level 2. Are there any modules you guys could recommend, preferably based in the forgotten realms? I am not yet ready to create my own campaign.
Hi Salam

I have not started a campaign on 2nd level in FR, but one in 3rd which was "The Twilight Tomb" that is nice little adventure. 
My group liked it

You could start with ''The color of ambition''. It's in the FRCS. ''Sons of Gruumsh'' is a cool adventure for 4th level characters.

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting?

When they hit around 6th level, the Red Hand of Doom is an excellent module/campaign that'll take them all the way to 10-12th level.  If they are newish players, be aware that it's a challenging (but fun!) module, so having them start at 6th, maybe even 7th level wouldn't be a bad idea to help give them a bit of a margin of power.  It's worth checking out, and I believe several people have used Sons of Grummish or a few other modules to work up to RHoD.  With a little bit of effort, you can work in a few hints in earlier modules that leads seamlessly into the later ones.
If you can get your hands on some old Dungeon Magazines, the Age or Worms is fun.  There are a lot of resources here and on the Paizo boards. 

I totally agree about RHOD.  It was awesome to run.  You can get some freebie dungeons from the wizards site to run people up to 6-7 and go into RHOD. 

The Forge of Fury was good too. 

Since you have new players, I'd just make up the first few sessions with some roleplaying and fairly easy combat to get them to learn the ropes before doing anything major. 

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Ah, yes! If you haven't started yet, (Quite unlikely, I guess) you should check out ''a Dark and Stormy Knight''. It's free, and it's an excellent way to introduce pc's to each other
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