Epic-Level Figures

Are the Epic-costed figures worth using?  And by epic, I mean both the guys out of the V-set and Grand Master Luke.

I mean, they do have serious lack of activation control, and most of them don't have any range to speak of.
The characters from the epic set are not designed with standard skirmish play in mind (In fact, they are not allowed in sanctioned play). They are designed for mass battles or the special Epic Duo format. So they aren't overly optimal for basic skirmishes.

As for GMLS, he is a powerhouse and does decently in 200 where he can get some good support, but if the opponent focuses his attacks, Luke and the rest of the squad will go down hard.
Heres a couple of my observations on both the V-set and existing epic characters;

1. They can be insta-killed (with Big D or concentrated direct damage).
2. They aren't followers. So by comparison, at that point format, they are vulnerable to ranged attacks and Direct Damage.

Also, I feel they are overcosted for the large skirmish format, but adequately costed for standard 200 or small combat format.
These epics raise the question: should non-unique jedi/force users be 'epic upped'?

Epics would be great to use as HQ figures (GWs W40K system); im thinking darkside HQ would be like Tau Ethereals - their deaths cause leadership tests...

In any event, epic characters are interesting to play. Laughing
Id field more characters with disintegration to counter the epics,
and I'd probably either go for recon/activation control or override and door control.
Wow, I didn't know that they weren't legal for standard play. Then again, I haven't played in a while. Any other special rules I should know?

Oh, and where Disintegration is concerned, just play epic Vader. Laughing 
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