Modern Magic Proxy League

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Try out your ideas for the new Magic format – Modern. Build a modern legal deck with up to 15 proxies. This is a non-sanctioned league with prize support at end of league based on participation.  Prizes include a copy of From the Vault: Legends.  The cost is free – so, you have nothing to lose!

Atomic Games
721 Franklin Street
Manitowoc WI 54220
(920) 682-1057

(We're about 45 minutes south of Green Bay and 1.5 hours north of Milwaukee.)

Here is how league works:

  • Signup to play at the counter.  No cost and no deck registration.  (You may play a different deck each match.)  Just let us know you are playing so we can put your name on the board.

  • Decks should be constructed according to the link above.  The only exception is you may have up to 15 proxies in your deck.  (We want to keep the cost of league play as low as possible – sorry about the cost of Rav-dual lands.)

  • We track your match wins against other players on a leader board.

  • One match per day against a specific opponent counts towards the league score.  You may play against multiple opponents the same day.  (Of course, you are encouraged to play as much as you want.)

  • Each Sunday we’ll have a $5 non-sanctioned  tournament.  The $5 will go towards prize support as store credit.  (To help the winners afford the rav-dual lands.)  The Sunday tournaments will allow the 15 card proxies.

  • Start: The league starts Sunday August 21st

  • End: The league ends Sunday September 11th (inclusive).  If we get 20 or more players in the league, pizza will magically arrive during the last tournament.

League prizes will be based on participation.  More people + matches = more prizes!

Update about the league will be posted to our website.  Also, update players via our Facebook page.