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I am considering taking this feat, as it seems pretty powerful for my Brutal Scoundrel. However I am unsure of the ruling for it. Do I have to have CA BEFORE I make the charge, or can I charge into a flank and benifit from the extra 1[W] damage of this feat?
It specifies that you get the bonus when you make the charge attack, so you don't need to have CA until you're actually at the attacking part of your charge action.  (i.e. Yes, you can charge into flanking and benefit from this feat.)

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Wow, thats great. It seems pretty powerful, basically making charging a very powerful alternative to other rogue at-wills. I actually can't think of a reason you would not want to use this over most other at wills every chance you can? I am surprised I don't see it in more builds, expecially rogue builds with bigger [W] die.

Am I missing something here or is it really a great feat?
Nope, not missing anything, it's a great feat.  Good enough that it's one of the prime targets for poaching via rogue or fighter multiclass.
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Also, you could consider taking Cunning Stalker, if you haven't already. CA when you're the only thing next to your target? Yes please =J

Helps with both charging and normal sneak attacks.
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