The best artifact hate card in Modern Red?

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What do you guys feel is the best artifact smasher? 

(Specifically for an Aggro deck)

A) Shattering Spree
B) Fury Charm
C) Maniac Vandal
D) Smash to Smithereens

Depends on what you want smashed.

Shattering Spree gets around a Chalice of the Void set to 1, which can be incredibly useful. If that's the artifact you're afraid of, I'd run Spree. Shattering Spree can also be a beating against artifact aggro - the problem is that it is sorcery-speed, which can suck against a Cranial Plating.

If you want to kill Everflowing Chalices and Swords and stuff against Control, I'd either go for Smash to Smithereens or Tin Street Hooligans - the latter of which is tons better than Vandal.

If you're worried about artifact aggro, I'd go for Ancient Grudge. The 2-for-1 just murders them if you can save it for their important pieces - Cranial Plating, Ravager or Master of Etherium, mostly.

Don't worry too much about the green involved with Hooligans and Grudge. If you're playing the red deck right, you're splashing for Goyf anyway. =)
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If you're running fast mono red beatdown, I'd say Smash to Smithereens.  It slows down your opponent's game plan while speeding up your own, which is a great deal for 2 mana.  If your mono red isn't as all in, spree is probably better and, of course, Ancient Grudge or Tin Street Hooligan are great choices for when you have multiple colors.  Try experimenting with a mix of them in different decks; it really depends on the archetype.
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In a less agressive deck I would say that shattering spree is the best. Like mono said a fast red beatdown deck benefits the most from smash to smithereens. 
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