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Coordinator Resources

I am posting a bunch of resources that my DMs and I have put together to help promote D&D Encounters (DDE) locally.

Neverwinter Flavored Pre-Gens

I am moving the PreGens over here from the DM Tools Thread, because they are more of a coordinators tool than the DMs.:


Gender & Race




ElizaFemale Half-ElfWarpriest (Corellon)LeaderSpellscared Harbinger
QuinnMale HumanKnightDefenderNeverwinter Noble PDF, CB
SarielFemale EladrinBladesingerControllerIliyanbuen Guardian PDF, CB
KalistaFemale TieflingMage (Pyromacer)ControllerHarper Agent PDF, CB
GnarshMale Half-OrcSlayerStrikerUthgardt Barbarian PDF, CB
MerricMale HalfingThiefStrikerDead Rat Deserter PDF, CB

CB = .dnd4e files for DDI Character Builder
All 6 Pre-Gens: PDF
NOTE: These are unoffical.
Authors: Bryan Blumklotz, Davena Oaks, Alex Martin, Jesse Ferguson, and John Utsler.
Old flies: Ancalima (PDF, CB), Theriastra (PDF, CB), All 6 Pre-Gens w/ Ancalima & Theriastra (PDF)

The powers sheets were made using and Microsoft Publisher. hooks into your DDI account (if you want) and can pull the info from it. Or, you can create your own. I highly suggest watching the intro video than then play around with it.

Blank and Pre-Gen Table Tents

4x6 Table Tents, 1 Generic and 6 for the Unofficial Pre-Gens: PDF, PUB
4x6 Table Tents, WotC Offical Pre-Gens: PDF, PUB

Old Files: 4x6 Unofficial Pre-Gens Table Tents w/ fix to Ancalima (PDF, PUB)

Fortune Card & Neverwinter Nights Promotion

We are actively promoting the use fortune cards as a means of supporting Guardian Games our host. And we want to reward folks for purchasing their D&D Gear here. Fortunately for me I have three talented Graphic Design folks.

These flyers where whipped up by my DM extraordinar Davena Oaks:
Fortune Card Plan Certificates
Fortune Card Plan Standee

Goal: Reward the purchase and play of Fortune Cards, plus reward folks for purchasing the Neverwinter Campaign Guide.
Secondary Goal: Get rid of left over reward cards from previous seasons of DDE and the World Wide Game Day (WWGD).

Solution: While supplies last, I am giving out one card per two packs of fortune cards purchased (Max. three a session). I am giving out 1 extra reward point a session to those that use the cards during play.
I am also giving folks 3 reward points for purchasing the Neverwinter Campaign Guide.

I wanted folks to try fortune cards out and if they like them hopefully they will continue to use them when we eventually phase the program out for a different promotion. I am sure some are going to go nuts like me and purchase a bunch of cards in an attempt to "build best deck evar!"

The 10% deal on D&D books (any edition, so long as its from WotC or TSR) is the baseline promotion program I worked out with my store owner. There is no cover charge for gaming at the store so I am attempting to get people to buy their stuff at the store and not from

Future Programs In The Works

Allowing mundane items and common magic from Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium for player's that purchase the book this season. I am working on a pre-order deal with the store owner that will probably be 20% off (As a premier store we get the books early as a bonus).

I already have a pre-order program for next seasons DDE in place for Heroes of the Feywild, 20% off.

Form Fillable D&D Play Trackers

I made this when I was organizing LFR and convention play. You will need a full version of Acrobat to save your changes (or some 3rd party PDF software that does the same, the Adobe Reader will let you fill it, not save it).
D&D Play Tracker - Form Fillable - Fixed

We currently run 8 tables a week and it helps to keep things organized and reduces the stuff judges have to fill out.

More to come,

Bryan Blumklotz
Guardians of the Gameday
DDE WPN Coordinator for Guardian Games

Very nice resources. Thanks!
Thanks El Rico D,

I have most everything I have created so far up on the page now.


Bryan Blumklotz
AKA Saracenus
DDE WPN Coordinator for Guardian Games
I forwarded the PDF's and the description of what you were doing to our local brick and mortar.

The link to your tracker is broken.
Fixed the form fillable tracker link.

Bryan Blumklotz
AKA Saracenus
DDE WPN Coordinator for Guardian Games

1. Changed the names of two Pre-Gens:
Ancalima is now Eliza
Theriastra is now Sariel
Reason: We up-gunned all 6 Pre-Gens to level 3 and ran a play test for Davena's PAX DM Challenge entry. We were stumbling over these two names. Damn random names generator. We decide to simplify them.

This lead to an updated to the All 6 Pre-Gen and Season 6 Table Tents. I have kept the old files available for those who have already started to use them and didn't want to swap them out.

2. Theriastra's original CB file contained equipment she should not have (longbow, arrows (40) and extra 300 gp. Both were removed.
Reason: Theriastra was based upon the PC I build for the WWGD and I had picked up a bow and the 300 gp from the adventure. Woops.

I will not be updating these pre-gens to 2nd or 3rd level. They are to introduce folks to the game and if they want to level them, they can purchase the relevant books or get a DDI account and use the .dnd4e provided.
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