Online - play by post - match?

Anybody up for this?
I got a lot of SSB ships and stuff, but i never played one match ever...

First of: how do you do the dice?

Open for suggestions! And a match offcourse.
Nobody? Ah that's a bugger...
I'm interested, haven't any idea though for the dice-rolling part. Some places have a script where you can roll various sided dice but I don't know much about how they work.

What kind of battle would you prefer, how many points, vanilla rules or modifications...? The main addition I use is Point Defense kills are immediately resolved and any fighters taken out are gone before the shooting phase (feels more like Point Defense is doing what it's meant to if you can take out enemy fighters before they mess you up).
For the dice, we need a script which we can email or such for fairness. Will search when I get home from work, but if you have found something, let me know.

I want to start out small, we can build up from there in future games, pointwise and rulewise.
The PD rule is ok for me (dunno how it works out, but we'll see).

I'd like to play in the -1 to +5 Yavin battle time, since i only got rebels and empire...
Have you guys tried Vassal? The Star Wars Miniatures module has maps and all the miniatures for SSB, as well. Smile

Star Wars: Tapestry
 - a play-by-post campaign for everyone... good OR evil!

But, can you add things and rules in there?
Looks promissing tough!
It's a virtual tabletop - it lets you play the game online, but doesn't enforce any rules or anything. So you still need to cooperate with the other player(s). I recommend using Skype, so you can talk to each other while you play - so whatever house rules you guys come up with, you can discuss them as you go!

Star Wars: Tapestry
 - a play-by-post campaign for everyone... good OR evil!

Nice, defenatly worth a try!
What I prefer tough about play by post is, you make the time to do a move. What I mean is, I am in GMT +1 (Europe), so I can play against US players when I am ready (and they are asleep). And offcourse vise versa.
That dice-roller system you found looks pretty good, I'm up for giving it a go. I got Vassal to see what it's like, I'd still prefer to try play-by-post too. Galactic Civil War era is fine with me,  for a test run game how many points would be ideal?

The PD rule can significantly reduce the dangers of enemy starfighters getting close and launching devastating torpedo attacks on your capitals. Since PD is resolved before the combat phase, if any enemy fighter taken out by PD is removed from the board immediately, before it gets to shoot in the combat phase, it lessens the dangers of getting overwhelmed at point-blank by hard-hitting fighters. An example of how game-changing this is would be the last round of the RAF experiment game I posted, the Dark Side had sent in all their remaining TIE Bombers in a desperation effort to tear the surviving RAFs apart, but during the PD phase they were wiped out, before they could unleash their attacks.

Another question, do we play with Commander Points? I'm up for with or without, but if it's with them I'd be taking that into consideration when building a fleet.

Last question I promise, do we play a standard Light versus Dark (in which case who plays what side), or can we intermingle the fleets, or both play the same side. Again, I'm cool with anything, just hammering out the details before we get a test game started.
Oh, just have to add, you can play Vassal games via email, too - you just make your move, save, and send it to the other guy. Not that I'm trying to 'make' you guys play on Vassal or anything, I'm just happy to see that someone's playing SB, and want to help any way I can.

Star Wars: Tapestry
 - a play-by-post campaign for everyone... good OR evil!

Mr Thompson, I really appreciate your efforts! Im going to try Vassal with a personal friend of mine on another game. Ah well we see where it goes.

Gothwolf, PD rule is a go for the testgame. I'd say 150 points?
Another thing, Im more interested in gaming than winning, you will see I make fleets that 'could have been' instead of winning fleets. Playing the game and having fun is my main goal, not winning!

I'd like to make the first game without Commander Points. Since my experience is basicly zero at this game... As I said before, just want to test out and play, and from there on we can step into more advanced rulings and games. I am not in a rush!

I'd prefer Light vs Dark, and I would like to play the Empire first...

Im in the process of getting all stuff together atm, like ships, the maps and rules, it's everywhere right now lol.

To be continued!
heh sounds good, and yeah I too rather enjoy making up fleets that aren't necessarily game-winners, just to see how they stack up. 150 points sounds great, I'll start putting together a Light Side, and setting up somewhere for the game map. I'll be travelling to the states on the 29th, if possible I'd like our first match to be complete by then. Once I'm settled in the US (staying there for about 5 months) I can play some more, I won't have nearly as many of my ships though, but enough for at least 150-200 of any faction, I think.
Since I dont have all ships original, can somebody post the stats of:

- Rebel Assault Frigate
- Imperial Interdictor Cruiser


(Im using the Odissay Slipways versions)
Courtesy of

I've got a couple more rule ideas to include in your reference thread, thought I'd put them here and let you include them more formally if they pass muster.

Rogue Squadron X-Wings are able to target Class-4s with their torpedoes, makes them more useful and worth the additional cost, also is in keeping with the Rogue Squadron novels.

An option to field more than one Tantive IV, removing the Unique status as well as its Command Point (becoming a more generic Corellian Blockade Runner)

Increasing the ISD's fighter launch capacity to 2 (always disliked the highly limiting 1)

These are all just suggestions of course, and purely optional.

A form of range rules would be good to have too, and people can pick and choose what rules they want to play with.
Exactly! Im just stating all rules in a topic, so you can pick em.
Just say in the first post of an online match for instance: PD-rule and squadron-rule in effect, and you are done!

About the TantiveIV, I think it's wiser to leave it as it is and just make a whole new class:
Correlian Corvette
I pm'ed my Fleet to I._J._Thompson, go ahead and post yours.
I post mine after that, I._J._Thompson can confirm I didnt change anything.
1 Mon Calamari Cruiser Home One (Derp One) 50pts

1 Rebel Cruiser (Sanghelios) 24pts

1 Rebel Transport (Horn of Plenty) 17pts

1 Tantive IV (Alabama) 19pts

1 Wild Karrde (Nagilum) 19pts

1 A-Wing Starfighter (Green Squadron) 5pts

1 B-Wing Starfighter (Blue Squadron) 6pts

1 X-Wing Starfighter (Grey Squadron) 6pts

1 Y-Wing Starfighter (Gold Squadron) 4pts

total 150pts

I gave every ship and squadron a name to help with keeping them distinct, and also cuz I'm rather fond of naming every ship before a match. Derp One has particularly earned its name based on the rather unusual factory defect the model I'll be using possesses.

1 Imperial Star Destroyer (Sidewinder) 52pts
1 Imperial Star Destroyer (Sparrow) 52pts
1 Imperial Shuttle (Wingbender) 18pts
1 TIE Intercepter (Axe Squadron) 6pts
1 TIE Intercepter (Knife Squadron) 6pts
1 TIE Bomber (Arrow Squadron) 4pts
1 TIE Bomber (Bow Squadron) 4pts
1 TIE Fighter Ace (Lighter Squadron) 4pts
1 TIE Fighter Ace (Sigaret Squadron) 4pts


Bleeegh after some time-eating boring work:

Couldnt be bothered to put the planet in.
Nicely done, I was just about to remark that we'd need some grid references, heh.

So, I'll set up on the right side, you on the left?

Will we have an impartial observer for the dice rolls? ( is my address for those purposes)

Lastly, to formalize our match, the rules we've agreed on (on top of the vanilla system) are the PD rule and the squadrons rule, correct?

The 7th Fleet awaits battle with eagerness!
I setup left.
Only PD rule for now, squadron rule not in effect yet.
I just added that in the reference.
We probably need some range rules next match too, and for the chances, im thinking of 2xd10 instead of 1xd20 too. But that is to be discussed (later)
Understood, here's my fleet deployment.

Derp One
: F15 F16 G15 G16

Sanghelios: B15

Horn of Plenty: D15

Alabama: I15

Nagilum: J15
On a very sidenote -

Did I ever tell you I hate Unique's? Like those ships are in every battle out there.
I prefer unknown ships, it makes more likely the battle has taken place somewhere, sometime.
That's why there is no Darth Vader's Custom TIE in my fleet...
But it narrowed down my options to pick a fleet. I first wanted to go for 1 ISD and 1 Interdictor, but then I could only launch 1 fighter a turn and I had a lot of fighters... 2 ISD's and a Interdictor left me with only 14 points in fighters (makes 3 aboutish) which is the other way around... therefor this fleet.

We need to add more 'common' custom ships soon! Thinking of VSD, Dreadnaught and such...
Not everybody got them all, long live counters! I tought Guardian had a fantastic topic for this.
Yeah that's why I asked about a non-Unique Tantive IV, in my mind all the Uniques I fielded would be playing as non-Unique, I wasn't sure how to adjust their stats though. I wanted to make a very Rebel Alliance fleet with all their iconic ships: a big Mon Cal, a Nebulon-B, a Corellian Corvette, a transport and a squadron of each fighter type. for my remaining points it was either a few more fighters or choosing between the Outrider and Wild Karrde.

On the subject of custom ships, I have a few stat cards I'd love to get some playtesting out of. Been using some of the Titanium Series ships as substitutes, their Corellian Corvette is rather stretched out and oversized, so I classified it as a Corellian Battleship, with stats to reflect it. Also created a Trade Federation Frigate based on the Titanium Lucrehulk Battleship, which is significantly smaller than the SSB model. Neither are canon that I know of, but that doesn't bother me any.

Got plenty of untested stat cards for Star Trek micro machine ships I have, but that's a whole other conversation eh.

Are we set to roll for initiative? Nice job on updating the grid btw, I'd be taking photos of the battle map I've set up, but our camera is currently in Montreal for the week.
Does the dice roller work on your side?
Hmm when I tried it out, I got a 404 Not Found error page. Looks like we'll need to find another roller.

Just did a little digging around, and found another setup with email option.

Tested it, works great so we should be set.
I rolled a 20 on initiative... Surprised
Very nice, I rolled 11, then re-rolled with Comm Arrray but only got 12, your initiative win.

I'm making the following movements:

Derp One moving to F13 F14 G13 G14

Sanghelios moving to B12

Horn of Plenty moving to D12

Alabama moving to H12

Nagilum moving to I12

Launching fighters onto the following squares:

Green Squadron A-Wings at E12

Grey Squadron X-Wings at C12

Gold Squadron Y-Wings at E13
Northern ISD to d4 d5 e4 e5
Southern ISD to g4 g5 h4 h5

Shuttle to f6

ISD's are launching fighters to escort the shuttle:
TIE fighter ace squad to e6
TIE fighter ace squad to g6

I trust you correct me if I do something wrong?
Why launching Tie fighters? Nah just fun to flank the shuttle lol. Absolutely no clue what im doing, it's all good fun!

Map after moves:

@AH_Topace, gothwolf117

Wow, what an innovative idea! Laughing
Its like watching the olympics or some other major sporting event unfolding "live"
This is a really neat concept, I shall be following along with great interest...
Thx dude.
Would be nice if we get more ppl playing online in different matches over time and get a activity swing in this community again!
That and just playing with my miniatures instead catching dust are my intentions.

We see where it ends! Maybe in a year a 10 vs 10 player campaign to see who rules the galaxy?
10 vs 10 would be pretty awesome, heh. Yeah definitely want to encourage more players to get involved, SSB has been so stagnant I'm sure there are many gamers around the world like us with minis going unused, and here's a way to get some action with them.

You're doing great man, I'm loving the updated images for each move, really helps to have that immediate reference (my setup is in the next room over at the moment). It is your initiative, you may roll all your attacks now.
Ah so the initiative move last and attacks first... righto!
attacks will follow within an hour
Northern ISD Turbolasers vs Sanghelios: an 3 +5 = 8   That's a miss.

Northern ISD Ion Cannon vs Sanghelios: an 10 +4 = 14   That's a miss.

Southern ISD Turbolasers vs Nagilum: an 19 +5 = 24  That's a Hit!
Makes 3 damage +1 from ability = 4 damage, flip Nagilum and has 2 hull left.

Southern ISD Ion Cannon vs Nagilum: an 10 +4 = 14  That's a Hit!
Makes 3 more damage, scratch the Nagilum

The Imperial Shuttle makes an Blaster Cannon attack vs Horn of Plenty: 11 +2 = 13  That's a hit! Just tough...
Horn of Plenty gets 1 hull damage point.

(BTW I think its madness that the Imp Shuttle can fire on that range)
Derp One engaging northern ISD Sidewinder:

Turbolasers 18+3 = 21 hit! (3 damage)

Ion Cannon 2+3 = 5 missed

Sangelios engaging northern ISD Sidewinder:

Turbolasers 3+3=6 missed

Laser Cannon 3+1=4 missed

Horn of Plenty engaging Shuttle Wingbender

Laser Cannon 1+1 =2 missed

Alabama engaging southern ISD Sparrow:

Turbolasers 15+2 =17 hit! (2 damage)

Nagilum engaging southern ISD Sparrow:

Turbolasers 8+1 =9 missed


Northern ISD Sidewinder takes 3 hull damage, Southern ISD Sparrow takes 2 hull damage

(I really got shafted on several rolls eh)

Definitely agree on the Shuttle and Class 3s in general (with the exception of the Rebel Cruiser, I can see that one having the range). We'll have to introduce some range rules for the next match, I'll post my ideas in the reference thread after this.

Interesting first round, with some damage inflicted to both ISDs, Bulk Freighter Nagilum obliterated, and minor damage to Transport Horn of Plenty.

Rolling for initiative, Round 2...

Got a 6, my moves then.
Imp Shuttle move 3 squares to f9

TIE Fighters stay one square behind to e8 and g8

ISD's following to rows 6 and 7 (d-e and g-h)

Northern ISD launches TIE Interceptor to c8

Soutern one launches a TIE Bomber to h8

Map after my moves:

Well, its not very clear, but there is a "1" next to the medium transport. Next time I give it a white background
Good job on the updated map, we're headed for a general melee it would seem. Here's my movements:

Derp One moves to F11 F12 G11 G12 closing distance with the ISDs

Sanghelios moves to B9 for a flank attack on the ISD Sidewinder

Horn of Plenty moves to E10 as close-in support for nearby fighter squadrons

Alabama holds position recovering escape pods from the ill-fated Nagilum

Green Squadron A-Wings move to I9 to intercept bombers

Gold Squadron Y-Wings move to F10 to engage Shuttle Wingbender

Grey Squadron X-Wings
move D10 escorting the Transport

Blue Squadron B-Wings launch from Derp One to H11

Before I start rolling attacks I'd like to add an additional rule for the online gaming, when rolling one should always include in the subject which ship is being targeted, as well as the ship doing the attacking and the weapon system used. This will give the defending fleet a chance to respond more effectively in certain cases (thinking ahead to games with Command Points), and also prevent less scrupulous players from declaring a shot intended for say an ISD that would normally be a miss was actually meant for a Shuttle and would be a hit in that case.
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