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This thread is for discussion of this week's Wizards Asks, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Banding.  A thousand times banding.

Probably because I'm pretty consistently the only one in my playgroups who ever understands it.  But yeah.

My top ten favorite keywords:

10. Annihilator
9. Landfall
8. Cascade
7. Morph
6. Madness
5. Retrace
4. Provoke
3. Proliferate
2. Ninjutsu

...and the winner is...

1. Scry
It's between Living weapon and Level up for me, but I think I'm leaning towards Level up. It does exactly what it sounds like it should do: a creature gains levels to get better. Its flavor is awesome, it fit the block's Adventure World theme perfectly, a lot of the levelers were fun... my only complaint against it was that it was only used in one set!

By the way, if quests had been keyworded I may well have chosen them. The idea (at least of the rare ascensions) is just epic. It's like Level up, but for Players!
Cycling, I always love having many cards that do different things and when they don't do anything in a match up I have the option to cycle them
Shadow. The main reason it probably stands out to me is that it was one of the first non-evergreen mechanics I'd ever seen, but it's also deceptive in its simplicity; on the surface, it can be seen as just another flying (or exactly like "high flying"), but for some reason it resonates on a whole different level. I love Shadow for its groundbreaking flavor at the time of its creation and the effect it had on me. Dauthi Slayer will always be one of my very favorite creatures, and I will always mourn the great untapped potential of the Thalakos. Hopefully Wizards will revisit the three original Shadow races someday.
As long as its not useles its good, landholm is stupid by far.
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for me it was exalted yes i am attaking with a 8/10 dude that has trample and double strike and yes he is attaking again after this oh u scoop ok game 2 yes he is unblockable 5/5 again yes he attacks againg after this oh are u at 10 life ok so that is a gg oh u have a doom blade negate so now it is gg ok i will report the results thank u i got this uril deck i am trying out and would like to see how your deck realy works lol 

i am going to make modern bant good yes he is a 7/7 hexproof with out exalted and oh i just made him unblockable 9/8 so i win turn 4 or

yes he is an 0/8 dude with doran and yes that is with out exalted so he is a 9/9 dude on turn 3 yes that is right
Shadow.  If you're going to get into a weenie race, do it right.
Scry and Infect.

MaRo: One of the classic R&D stories happened during a Scars of Mirrodin draft. Erik Lauer was sitting to my right (meaning that he passed to me in the first and third packs). At the end of the draft, Erik was upset because I was in his colors (black-green).

He said, "Didn't you see the signals? I went into black-green in pack one."

I replied, "Didn't you see my signals? I started drafting infect six drafts ago." ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************MaRo: During a playtest, I played a Reaper from the Abyss. I attacked each turn, while my opponent would chump block (he had a lot of fliers), and then I killed a second creature. This happened until he had only one creature left. I attack, he blocked, and then the following dialogue occurred:

Him: Kill your demon. Me: What? Him: My guy died so you have to kill a creature.

Me: Yeah, but why would a demon kill himself?

Him: I don't know. He's depressed there's no one left to kill.

Me: That doesn't make any sense. Him: I don't care. It's what the card says. I then take out my pen, and wrote "non-Demon" on it.

Him: You can't do that.

Me: I redesigned him while the effect was on the stack.

Shadow, Infect, and Cascade
a nice list: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Magic:_The...

I skip the obvious stuff like first strike.

I think dredge is a cool keyword, and then I dont talk about the i-win-now-combo's. I play a Savra EDH deck and dredging a few cards like grave-shell-scarab (one of my favourite creatures of all time) there is just fun.

I also really liked evoke. Shriekmaw and Mulldrifter were perfect.

Flashback is also one of my favourites if the card isnt made extra bad because it has flashback.

I liked Wither as well, and think its better then infect. The point with infect was that creatures couldnt become to strong because a 5/5 poison dude wins in 2 turns. With wither thats perfectly fine. Offcourse wither would be boring in a set that didnt care about counters but I do like the keyword.

Keywords i DONT like are stuff like ****-upkeep, echo, etc. Stupid effects that make your cards worse. (yes I get the point they would be otherwise to strong but still)
Evoke and Suspend.

They both really change the way you look at cards, and enable really interesting gameplay decisions.

I'm always a fan of cards that can perform differently game-to-game, so any mechanic that dynamically changes the way something works is awesome in my book!
My absolute favorite was Buyback.  I liked it for several reasons.  First, it gave me flexibility with my spells.  If I needed an effect right now, I could have it.  If I had lots of extra mana or other resources, I could invest more in the spell and get more out of it.  Second, I loved that Buyback had SO MANY NON-MANA costs.  Way too often in current Magic design key words have only mana associated with them.  Evoke, Unearth, and Multi-kicker would have been SO much better if they would have had things like sac a land, pay X life, or remove X number of cards from your grave yard as costs instead of just paying mana.  Buyback was so flexible.  Finally, I liked Buyback because most of the spells that had it were cheap to cast.  Mind Games, Shattering Pulse, Capsize, Mystic Speculation, Clockspinning, Constant Mists, and Elvish Fury were easy to play.  I would really love to see Buyback make a return ESPECIALLY IF NON-MANA costs were a major part of thier design.

I love it love it love it...
I know that hexproof is better, but shroud makes the creature "untouchable". 
The mechanic is so simple yet so cool.
And the ones that follow are probobly buyback, scry and flashback.

One other mechanic that I would like to draw everybody's attention to is Living Weapon. Some people say it sucks, but i think its so godddamn flavorful and makes equipments playable. Plus its really fun in Limited
I like weird and fiddily bits....

so I really liked Phasing. Maybe not the most powerful ability, and the cards it was on could have been a little better, but I really liked having cards come in and out and in and out of play.

Also, as my favorite Non-Keyword Mechanic, I really liked the No-Mind Beasts from Oddessy Thought Nibbler, Thought Eater, and Thought Devourer. Especially when combined with Cultural Exchange and Spellbook.
Cycling, Suspend and Evoke are probably my three favourites, unless you count evergreen ones (in which case vigilance and flash are my favourites by far!).

If there had ever been any remotely decent arcane spells, I would probably have ended up ranking splice near the top.
Indestructible, especially from the Darksteel artifacts.  Darksteel Forge all the way!

I also like Split Second. 
+Cycling, Evoke, Suspend

-Cascade, Affinity
I'd have to say Madness.  It is just such an interesting and fun mechanic.  
Everytime I get this question I think of Landfall.  It blends the flavor and simple mechanics into a beautifully powerful combination and can be used in a pretty potent combo deck or used to spinkle in other decks. I doesn't have to be the central of a deck, but it can be if you want.

Annihalator is pretty awesome, and I think it has the potential to become evergreen in small doses the way Infect just can't.

I guess I like mechanics that have the potential to be central to a deck and encourage combos, but don't have to be.  Wither is more versitile in that way than Infect. 

Persist. I love ETB effects and Persist synergizes with them nicely.

L1 Judge

Transmute. Now and always.
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57817638 wrote:
I like storm crow because I really like crows in real life, as an animal, and the card isn't terribly stupid, but packs a good deal of nostalgia and also a chunck of the game's history. So it's perhaps one of the cards I have most affection to, but not because "lol storm crow is bad hurr hurr durr".
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Although I do assume you deliberately refer to them (DCI) as The Grand Imperial Convocation of Evil just for the purposes of making them sound like an ancient and terrible conspiracy.
Now, now. 1994 doesn't quite qualify as "ancient".
56734518 wrote:
Oh, it's a brilliant plan. You see, Bolas was travelling through shadowmoor, causing trouble, when he saw a Wickerbough Elder with its stylin' dead scarecrow hat. Now, Bolas being Bolas took the awesome hat and he put it on his head, but even with all his titanic powers of magic he couldn't make it fit. He grabbed some more scarecrows, but then a little kithkin girl asked if he was trying to build a toupee. "BY ALL THE POWERS IN THE MULTIVERSE!" he roared, "I WILL HAVE A HAT WORTHY OF MY GLORY." and so he went through his Dark Lore of Doom (tm) looking for something he could make into a hat that would look as stylish on him as a scarecrow does on a treefolk. He thought about the Phyrexians, but they were covered in goopy oil that would make his nonexistant hair greasy. He Tried out angels for a while but they didn't sit quite right. Then, he looked under "e" (because in the Elder Draconic alphabet, "e" for Eldrazi is right next to "h" for Hat) in his Dark Lore of Doom and saw depictions of the Eldrazi, and all their forms. "THIS SHALL BE MY HAT!" he declared, poking a picture of Emrakul, "AND WITH IT I WILL USHER IN A NEW AGE OF DARKNESS -- ER, I MEAN A NEW AGE OF FASHION!" And so Nicol Bolas masterminded the release of the Eldrazi.
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Rhox War Monk just flips pancakes, and if games have told us anything, it's that food = life.
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76973988 wrote:
This thread has gotten creepy. XP
Really? Really? The last couple days have been roughly every perverse fetish imaginable, but it only got "creepy" when speculation on Mother of Runes's mob affiliation came up?
76672808 wrote:
57864098 wrote:
57531048 wrote:
Nice mana base. Not really.
Yeah, really. If my deck was going to cost $1000+, I'd at least make it good.
99812049 wrote:
I like to think up what I consider clever names for my decks, only later to be laughed at by my wife. It kills me a little on the inside, but thats what marriage is about.
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56854588 wrote:
Of course, the best use [of tolaria west] is transmuting for the real Tolaria. ;)
Absolutely. I used to loose to my buddy's Banding deck for ages, it was then that I found out about Tolaria, and I was finally able win my first game.
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WOAH wait wait wait
56957928 wrote:
You know, being shallow and jusdgmental aside, "I later found out that Jon infiltrated his way into OKCupid dates with at least two other people"
56957928 wrote:
"I later found out that Jon infiltrated his way into OKCupid dates with at least two other people"
56957928 wrote:
Jon infiltrated his way into OKCupid dates
56957928 wrote:
109874309 wrote:
The only way I'd cast this card is into a bonfire.
82032421 wrote:
The short answer is that there's no rule barring annoying people from posting, but there a rule barring us from harassing them about it.
56747598 wrote:
Browbeat is a card that is an appropriate deck choice when there's no better idea available. "No better idea available" was pretty much the running theme of Odyssey era.
56874518 wrote:
Or perhaps it was a more straightforward comment indicating a wish for you to be bitten (Perhaps repeatedly) by a small yet highly venomous arachnid.
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58280208 wrote:
You're an idiot, and I'm in no mood for silliness.
57817638 wrote:
57145078 wrote:
You just... Vektor it.
That's the answer to everything.
70246459 wrote:
58347268 wrote:
I think the problem is that you don't exist.
This would sound great out of context!
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Modern is like playing a new tournament every time : you build a deck, you win with it, don't bother keeping it. Just build another, its key pieces will get banned.
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I specifically remember posting a thread when I was just a witty bitty noob.
You make it sound like that's still not the case.
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Rap is what happens when the c from crap is taken away.
Doug Beyer:
But sometimes it's also challenging. Because sometimes OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING?
141434757 wrote:
Flashforward five thousand years (Click for atmosphere) :
57927608 wrote:
to paraphrase Jeff Goldblum, Vektor finds a way.
58347268 wrote:
when in rome **** AND PILLAGE
143229641 wrote:
I always find it helpful when im angry to dress up in an owl costume and rub pennies all over my body in front of a full body mirror next to the window.
Playing Magic without Blue is like sleeping without any sheets or blankets. You can do it...but why?
Me: "I love the moment when a control deck stabilizes. It feels so... right." Omega137: "I like the life drop part until you get there, it's the MtG variant of bungee jumping"
Just do it like Yu-Gi-Oh or monkeys: throw all the crap you got at them and hope it works or else the by-standers (or opponents) just get dirty and pissed.
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58258708 wrote:
It's true that Alpha and Beta didn't contain any cards like Tarmogoyf, Darksteel Colossus, or Platinum Angel. It just contained weak, insignificant cards like Black Lotus, Mox Sapphire, and Time Walk.
Normally it's difficult to pick up on your jokes/sarcasm. But this one's pretty much out there. Good progress. You have moved up to Humanoid. You'll be Human in no time.
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94618431 wrote:
I didn't know Samurai were known to be able to cut down whole armies...
They can when they're using lightsabers!
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97980259 wrote:
My wife brought home a baby black squirrel they found on a horse track and cared for it for a few days. We named it Grixis, but it died.
Unearth it!
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[/spoiler] And I'm on Magic Arcana. How about you? Oh, by the way, I'm also on From the Lab now. Twice, actually. And now with my own submited decklist!
Personally I hate to get "chump blocked"  so i'm gonna go with TRAMPLE.
I like retrace and persist the best, although imprint has 'imprinted' itself in my mind as well xD hooray for bad puns
this is something of a tossup. cascade is a great ability, but my predilection for instants and sorceries cause it to be somewhat inconsistent. still good, but not for me. replicate could have broken magic wide open, but its lack of support left it more lackluster than blockbuster. that leaves me with transmute. with so many good cards with this ability and a well planned deck, you should almost always have what you need. the consistency of transmute puts it ahead of other keywords abilities for me; but cascade follows as a close second, and if replicate ever gets a facelift it could be up there, as well.
1. Morph - Awesome suspense and mental games!
2. Graft - I've never played this, but it looks so fun! I like the making-my-own-card feel.
3. Provoke - Some version of this should be evergreen! Green as a color needs it.
4. Suspend - Time matters as a resource!
5. Level Up
6. Ninjutsu - Gotcha!
7. Proliferate - The uses are so open.
8. Soulshift - Too bad it's only good enough for limited. This could be phrased like "Spirit Shift 3" or "Goblin Shift 3" etc to be less parasitic. I like it when I can form some kind of link between my cards in limited decks.
9. Haunt - I love modifying things. I love cards that have different states or phases.
10. Annihilator - It's amazing that a huge monster and a band of small heroes can have a final, desperate race. It also feels good to annihilate.
11. Changeling - I enjoyed bridging tribal synergies, especially in Sealed.
12. Kicker, Cycling, Landfall - They don't necessarily tickle me because they're simple and flavor-transparent. But they're so good for the game since they combat Mana issues, which are the suckiest experiences in the game. I can understand the value of there being a chance of getting bad draws, or not casting a spell every turn. Losing through weak or diluted draws is acceptable, but that doesn't justify rounds where I don't even get to play a real game of Magic at all. Maybe those two things should be considered to be completely different categories of variance. If anything can alleviate mana screw/mana glut without killing the good kind of variance, I hope it keeps getting used, possibly even ignoring the "one repeat mechanic per set" rule. I don't think "specialness through infrequent use" is necessary for those mechanics.

I'm sad that some of my favorite mechanics like Morph, Suspend, and Haunt are too complex for modern design standards.

Honorable Mention:
Splice into Arcane - I really like the idea of mixing and matching spells. Unfortunately, the execution makes this feel more like a kind of buyback rather than combining spells.
Phasing - Shifting board states are fascinatingly strategic. I wonder if it would it be ok if the text was "At the beginning of your upkeep, exile this. Return it to the battlefield at the beginning of your next upkeep?"
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