Help with mechanics to support concept - Vengeful Succubus (Tiefling Pyromancer/Enchanter)

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So, one of my players has a level 5 Tiefling Mage (Pyromancy primary, Enchantment secondary), with all fire spells down the left side of her spellbook, and all charm spells down the right side of her spellbook.

She had an awesome idea of being all sweetness and light until someone pissed her off - she wants to model this by only having access to her Charm spells until something causes her to activate her Infernal Wrath, at which point she automatically switches every spell in her spellbook from 'Charm' to 'Fire' until her next extended rest (at which point they automatically reset from 'Fire' to 'Charm').

Are there any magic items or feats that could help model this?
As the spellbook has a big part in her character persona, a Tome of the Replenishing Flame (Arcane Powers, pg. 153) comes to mind. Depending on how you rule it, upgrading the Tome can give her new fire spells, and she can trade a charm spell out for a fire spell if pushed to the "spicy" side of her character.

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