My First Shot at an Origin and some Omega Tech

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Hey everyone.  My group just started a Gamma World campaign and after only one session everyone loves the change of pace.  As someone who hasn't had much luck writing new stuff for my home campaign or world, this is immensely welcomed.  After looking at a bunch of the stuff you guys have been working on I have also made some of my own stuff.  Below are links to where you can download the stuff.  The first is the Ursoid origin which is essentially humanoid bear.  The second is a set of 6 cards (Thanks to the user who made the templates I wish I could remember your name!).  These are based of Men In Black items and at least 2 are very well known.  Would love to hear some feed back and hope some of you get to use these.
Great Job!  your Ursoid sounds like it fits right in with the other origins!  Makes me want to get back to some of my ideas again...
Thanks guys!  I am currently deciding on what to work on next.  Considering that my players have already rolled their characters I am tempted to stray from another origin but I also would like to see my omega tech from MiB in play before I make anymore.  Given that I think traps is where I am going to go.  Any suggestions for post-apocalyptic / futuristic traps and hazards feel free to throw them out there!
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