hexproof vs world effects such as day of judgement aka wrath of god and the like.

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Hello all just got back into magic not to long ago and was just wondering if the hexproof mechanic protects creatures from world effects such as wrath of god,the n disk jokhulhaups and the like?
Dungrove Elder (linking for reminder text)
Wrath of God

As you can see from the reminder text, hexproof prevents your creature being the target of spells and abilities your opponents control.

Wrath of God does not target; ergo, hexproof does not protect a creature from being destroyed by Wrath of God.

Basically, hexproof does nothing unless the spell or ability explcitily targets. 
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ok i have a very simular question with protection from and spirit mantle with the protection from say white..like a black knight from my past understanding just like hexproof the pro from white only protects the creature from white souces that directly targets it not something like a wrath of god? and the same with spirtmantle i would assume the same it would be safe from a roayl assasin abliity but not a creature that has say all creatures get a -1/-1 counter when it hits the table?
Protection does four things, only one of which involves targeting.

If a creature has protection from white:
-It can't be blocked by white creatures.
-It can't be enchanted, equipped or fortified by white permanents.
-Damage from white sources is prevented.
-It can't be targeted by white spells or abilities with white sources.

But yes, Black Knight dies to Wrath of God, and Royal Assassin can't destroy a creature with Spirit Mantle on it, but a creature with spirit mantle on it could get counters from Soul Snuffers
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