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The Displacer Cube?? I mean... a big jello with tentacles?? Oh, my community.. I fear for you, that your view of what is good and awesome is so far skewed! Surely, you have been misled by the insane rambling of bullwugs or some even more foul and odious creature!
So many PCs, so little time...
That is not dead which may eternal lie

Even with the tentacles, I think Cthullu would vote for the Intellect Tyrant.. before destroying reality and all, I mean...
So many PCs, so little time...
Intellect Tyrant = lame.

Celebrate our differences.

I was rooting for the were-chimera, personally.  Tongue out

All around helpful simian

Almost all of the good entries went down in the first round anyway. Seriously, i have no idea how any of the semi-finalist entries even made it that far.

Why, yes, as a matter of fact I am the Unfailing Arbiter of All That Is Good Design (Even More So Than The Actual Developers) TM Speaking of things that were badly designed, please check out this thread for my Minotaur fix. What have the critics said, you ask? "If any of my players ask to play a Minotaur, I'm definitely offering this as an alternative to the official version." - EmpactWB "If I ever feel like playing a Minotaur I'll know where to look!" - Undrave "WoTC if you are reading this - please take this guy's advice." - Ferol_Debtor_of_Torm "Really full of win. A minotaur that is actually attractive for more than just melee classes." - Cpt_Micha Also, check out my recent GENASI variant! If you've ever wished that your Fire Genasi could actually set stuff on fire, your Water Genasi could actually swim, or your Wind Genasi could at least glide, then look no further. Finally, check out my OPTIONS FOR EVERYONE article, an effort to give unique support to the races that WotC keeps forgetting about. Includes new racial feature options for the Changeling, Deva, Githzerai, Gnoll, Gnome, Goliath, Half-Orc, Kalashtar, Minotaur, Shadar-Kai, Thri-Kreen, Warforged and more!
Im so sorry, I liked the cube. I mean whats not to love. The Cube is terrifying to start, and now it can be anywhere!
In the Nentir Vale, all injured creatures are required to wear a name tag!
more like displacerTIMEcube amirite 
I liked the illithi-stirge.  I'll be making one up for an upcoming game.
I've got a write-up for a Gelatinous Cube/Quickling combo creature.  It's supposed to grab creatures and drag them to the HUGE size Gelatinous Cube "Queen" that I also built.

Preferences... Not where they should be. Asking someone if they're Trolling you is in violation of section 3 of the Code of Conduct.

Mine was a Chaos Cube. I'm a gelatinous cube, just minding my business, when along comes this meal, see. All of a sudden, before I know it, I'm half demon and sprouting some really cool tentacles... Those adventurers were SO tasty. The warlock was particularly flavorfull.
That is not dead which may eternal lie
Intellect Tyrant = lame.

No arguing with that. Their description specifically mentions their atrophied limbs.

"My flying carpet is full of elves."

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