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I'm creating a drug for my 3.5e campaign world.  I will be using the the drug addiction variant rules as found in the SRD here:

Here's what I have for the drug effects.  I want to make it such that the PCs don't really think about using it, but it still conceivable that they might run into NPCs that are using it.
Primary Effect (lasts 1 hour)
-4 WIS
DR 2/-
Secondary Effect (lasts 30 minutes):
+2 STR
+2 CON
4 or more doses within 12 hours
1d6 WIS damage
Addiction Rating: High
Fort Save DC14
Satiation Period 1 day
Damage 1d6 Dex; 1d6 Wis; 1d6 Con

Is this reasonable?  How would you tweak it? 
Iif the goal is as a buff for NPCs you want it to add a significant effect (which you might count as +1 CR), and for negative effects to oughtweigh positive ones in the long-term. Remember you can think short-term for monster features and long term for those same features applied to PCs.

To me, looking at it in this light, the effect seems to me to be borderline to count as +1 CR, and the negative impact long term isn't enough of a deterrent to players looking at this as a possible buff to PCs (e.g. if they get 10 days' supply, they'll use it as a buff and find a way to survive getting out of the addiction at a suitable point). If they have a 5th-level Cleric, then the effect of the drug is to turn a one-off casting of Remove Disease into several days of access to quite a nice buff.

To address these issues, I might tweak it to

Primary Effect: 2 Wis damage. DR 2/-. Ignore all effects of fatigue and exhaustion.

Secondary Effect: +4 Str, +4 Con

Side Effect: User is fatigued until they complete a standard night's rest. If they become fatigued through any other source, they become exhausted.

* Edited for nicer interaction of Primary Effect and Side Effect.

OP, I have tweaked my suggestion slightly, same suggestion, better wording IMO.

If you don't want PCs using it, intead of the -4 Wis, have you considered the same benefits but a point of wisdom damage no save. This is perminate, and generally very hard to get rid of for the common folk. Some higher level PCS could get around it, but not your average meth head.

With this in play, you can give it to NPCs as you see fit, but PCs won't take too many doses. Short term benefits vs longterm penalties.

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Thanks for the feedback.  I like the idea of using WIS damage instead of simply a temporary minus, and the fatigue is good color too.  I'll definitely incorporate these ideas.  I'll be working on the campaign tonight since this is our normal play night and I don't think we'll have enough players, so I'll post back my final product then.
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