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The store that I DM at didn't run a game day event as the store employees were at Gencon and I was unavailable. Is there anything that I will need to do or keep in mind when running the first encounters session without having done the game day event?
The game day event is entirely optional and only adds a little flavor and experience points for the players that participated. If you haven't read the game day event, don't worry about it. If you DID, then just remember none of your players saw Tolivast with the crown OR Seldra with it as well. I believe in the five sessions I've read, only the fifth one mentions the game day events. (If they didn't play it, Seldra doesn't tell them she brought the crown to the city)
I posted a report about our tables Gates of Neverdeath session to my blog.  Stop by and give it a read and it will give you an idea of what you've missed.

VileSin has the right of it. The Game Day adventure is NOT necessary to the Encounters season, though PCs who have done it might get an extra insight into the plots going on behind the scenes.

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